Orbnipotence - What would happen if every orb could be combined? (joke item)




Hmm, regardless of whether I would use it or not 89% fame bonus is enough reason without the other stats, but this would be a severely overpowered orb not because of it being an ability but from the sheer amount of stats that it is giving out, just the att and dex bonus is absolutely insane, as for the debuffs and whatnot, it isn’t practical in many situations that requires dodging because you would be petrified which means you can easily be focused on by enemy mobs, as for bosses which allow you to not need to move, first you would try and get some sb dmg and then assuming you have a group, (preferably classes which cover other debuffs such as armor break and expose) you would be able to melt basically any enemy that showed up in a couple seconds…I don’t see this item ever becoming a real thing unless they remove the self petrify and make it for mods only who would use it as a meme item.


Stasis the entire realm by clicking your spacebar once!


bruh its a joke item as i said in the title… it was never meant to be in the game


first, you need to get 700 MP to use it :smiley:


the actual mana cost was something like 1,800 but it’s impossible to get that much mana iirc and 700 seemed like a good amount since that’s a bit less that tlatoanis shroud + ubmp

edit: assuming you have legacy sentient staff, tlatoanis shroud, ubmp, are fully exalted, and have used 9 blue ice candies, you will have 1184 mana so i could make that the mana cost instead


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