Original account email deleted


So i want to change my accounts email to my current email but there is two problems…
!. i dont remember my answers to my security questions or even remember what my questions were for that matter.
2. my old Email was permanently deleted… so if DECA asks me to verify my email because i dont know my questions or answers im screwd. what do i do about this problem? can anyone help me?


I can’t tell you from experience but having your receipts to your last few gold purchases could be helpful.

I’m pretty afraid of this happening to myself since I filled out random answers to the security questions lol.


Thats on you for not remebering your questions, go ask deca at their support


If you don’t remember what the questions were, maybe when reminded of them you will know the answers.

The questions are not meant to be ones you remember the answers to, for ROTMG. Their answers should be things you know independent of ROTMG, so which you can supply answers to, years after first answering them, without difficulty.

You should contact DECA, who will have record of the questions and answers, and can use the former to ask you the latter.


The questions are the same standard three for everyone, if this helps. PS don’t write the replies here :wink: :



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