Orsome's Art Stash


Yes, I do know I had an art thread, but it’s been closed and I want to start anew, with a bigger focus on the stuff I’m better at, a.k.a. doodles. I might try borrowing my sister’s drawing tablet at some point as well but no promises that anything good will come from that :upside_down_face:

I also got sick of coming up with excuses for my lack of motivation, so sorry if anyone was somehow looking forward to me sharing another artwork.

Here’s a small knight and a green cube wearing a crown.



Let me know on this thread if you have any requests for smaller artworks, I can try doing some rotmg skins or enemies perhaps.


Ooh! Maybe try doodling one of the aliens of your choosing.


Yes an Orsome thread!


Obligatory @Demonseye ping

(also, HOW DARE YOU let your other art thread close. >:O completely unacceptable)


Oh I’ve got an idea for which one alright :smirk:


Presenting: Orsome Actually Draws (part 3 season 1)



you said smaller artworks, now make me a tiny picture of something.


grr give me something specific then :anger:




did you mean Carl?


no i meant whirl


What’s a whirl :confused:


not what, who


wrong color :frowning:


Praise the gods above he’s back

Draw a baby blue drake pet, that’s a simple and specific request


You could learn something from Xaklor, @RareMeat

Anyway, here it is!



Awww it’s so cute!
When you have time could you draw the jellyfish that Bottled Medusozoan spawns just with a face? If not then no worries at all!


I’d need a picture, but sure


heres a gif that I found on the wiki page

edit: nvm its not
it was a gif on the wiki but it’s not anymore



Here it is. I think I did okay :slight_smile: