Orsome's very serious art thread


Hey guys, since everyone knows I’m a professional artist, I’m gonna make an art thread so everyone can admire my hard work here. I have been honing my skills for years in the mountains, waiting for the day I was ready to reveal my glorious art to the public.

Are you ready?

Have a spooky skleltatl.

Aye, I do take requests. For the small price of 1.5 kendo sticks I will create a masterpiece of your choosing.


Okay buddy, I will hunt down kendo sticks for you if you complete the following: one (1) drawing of my ninja character as depicted here or here. You may choose any one of the three outfits included within those two pictures (cat pajamas, bee ninja, or witch outfit). Given your incredible attention to detail, I expect nothing less than an absolute masterpiece.





big boy season, he’ll give you all the kendo sticks and geb marks you need


Done, and, done.

wait who let the duck onto the photoshoot

apologies in advance for quality I drew this on my phone lol


actually I was expecting something even worse, more along the lines of your “skleltatl”: skribbly and hastily made. this works too though.


That can easily be arranged.


Do a self portrait

@Orsome Ducks.



I’ll do the ‘self portrait’ after the other two requests (if I get around to doing them heh)


lmao why is everyone making art threads

take your like anyways


not my fault, I was here long before these other guys


Ikr and thats why I give you a like too


I started this one precisely because every one was making art threads, so I made a joke post with the skeleton.
Aaaand now I’m sorta taking it seriously.


And another one.
I even had to… make a background.
Chako’s hands aren’t really visible on transparent pictures.


Realmafia scribbles.

Yes these are my true masterpieces.
Yet I lack the artist role so I can’t actually be bothered to put effort into something that won’t be posted in the art channel of the realmafia discord.


the only requirement to get it is to ask for it

in fact, you have it now


ima request my dead trick, here it is



I definitely thought I already asked before :sweat_smile:


Can I request my beautiful knight?knight