Orsome's very serious art thread





hi @Wilhuff

Now, you might be asking (you aren’t asking, are you); Orsome, when’s the last time you actually made a serious piece of art?
And to that I say; I don’t know. I made one artwork for Wilhuff which hasn’t been posted yet, given I haven’t finished my second artwork, also for Wilhuff’s comic. Then @YesButNo overtook me and drew five characters compared to the two I was meant to draw and they look better lmao. I may finish relatively soon since I have a week off of school now. So, uh, look forward to that. Or don’t, it’s up to you.

Now, you might also be asking (you aren’t); Orsome, why the fuck are you so lazy lmao?
Yeah, I’ll admit I could get this shit done a lot sooner if I dedicated more of my free time to drawing, so I might try following a schedule and forcing myself to draw more. I find just doing it more regularly helps me to actually get motivated to draw in the first place.

Sorry for the delay Wilhuff xd oh also how the fuck do you actually draw your archer? I just drew what I saw from the 8x8 sprite, which is to say, I have no imagination apparently.


Orsome, why the fuck are you tagging me?

Discord is a thing, and I told you repeatedly that its FINE and to TAKE YOUR TIME!


I drew your character. I deemed it worthy of tagging you.

Oh also this is more of a self blaming thing lol. This is more addressed to everyone so it doesn’t look like I’m just sitting in place twiddling my thumbs when those thumbs could be drawing.


why you so lazy lmao

when you making a serious piece of art?


wow so rude


I have nothing to do with this but I just wanna follow the trend


I totally like your serious art


you mean like

the not so serious art I do in 5 minutes or the stuff that takes me weeks bc I’m bad


I like all your art <3








also bump




“fine I’ll draw something


oh dats me
also that looks good. nice work


thanks, i did it in about five minutes


yeah it looks like it


right this is kinda dead time to make another ‘artwork’
'ctually wait imma ask wilhuff something