Orsome's very serious art thread


Is it bad that thats a better duck body than I could make?






guys i got rid of RWT




Of course not. No man on this earth could ever hope to meet Orsome’s level of artistic skill.

This man has far outdone Picasso, yes he is the Van Gogh of our time, Leonardo Da Vinci tears up at seeing these beautiful works.


Replace “level of” with “lack of” and we’d be getting somewhere





maybe i should stop murdering rotmg classes


who needs knights when you have a duck with a cannon?



more art pls




I’m considering doing a daily thing where I’ll draw all the rotmg classes, at least one daily, and maybe some bosses, in order to make myself draw more regularly and to get back into it. I’ll put them all on one picture and basically keep adding to it and posting updates here. Would anyone be interested in something like that?



yes pls


requesting samurai be samurai quack


I see.


This what you wanted?

side note, expect the first upload tomorrow


Its actually a rotmg skin, so no


lud it was a joke ):


i knew this page was gonna be a joke


No, this is very serious :angry:


Whoops, I didn’t expect to take this long. Sorry. Anyway, here’s the first class!

A little extra information on why I’m doing these; I’m planning a little project of sorts and thus I figured the practise would help. I’m gonna try use this style for every class, instead of my ‘usual’ one.
So I decided to make them look a bit more ‘messy’ than my other serious drawings, so to speak. I think this fits me a lot more than trying to perfect every shape and line :slight_smile:

subtle thanks to Xaklor for helping me fix the shadow under the knight lol


I’m still working on the next artwork in case anyone was wondering :sweat: probably not

A mixture of lack of free time and the fact that the next class has taken two hours more than the knight already means it’s not quite ready. I promise it’ll be done tomorrow though :slight_smile: