Orsome's very serious art thread



Well a day has indeed passed and I promised to deliver.

I’m sure there’s more I would have added if I wasn’t sick of working on that damn robe of all things. I mean, compare the time it took for this:

To the knight artwork:

Anyhow, it’s done. Next up is ______, coming in about two days since I’m actually at the Eurotunnel right now.



‘expect next one in two days’

Yeah no lmao. Turned out I needed to devote a lot of time to getting prepared to go to uni so I havent even started.

as a result, I’m putting out this poll to see which class you guys want next

  • warrior
  • mystic
  • assassin

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  • draw the eyes you coward
  • please dont

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now or roast duck


I’ve moved to uni recently lol. Sorry, I’ve been really busy.


:duck: :gun: