As many of you know, there will be an oryx chest event in 2 days approximately. and the event will give everyone who completes oryx 3 a second chance at those juicy whites from the chest following oryx death.

The event will be active from 20th - 28th of this month.

In preparation for the event we are inviting as many wanting members as possible!

We host one of the cleanest runs in any of the big oryx 3 discords out there. Regular runs where the minimum requirements are nothing more, nor short of wine cellar tops!

Exalted runs which require Exalted reqs (Included in the discord under #reqs-and-rules)

Celestial runs where only the best handpicked group of players will be within the run (up to three of these runs can be done in the span of one regular run)

Regardless of which run you join, the quality is un matched and we are more than happy to invite all and any willing raiders to join us in this event!

Don’t miss out and join our runs at: https://discord.gg/Gck8kad

We are also having a promotion, if you invite 10+ players, you will be eligible for star role which will give you access to unlimited early location for any of our runs. once you invite 10+ people, the top 3 most invites will get the star role.

Again please do not hesitate to try out our runs at https://discord.gg/Gck8kad


Yeah divinity is a great discord ngl, the rls are so funny and caring!


divinity is pog


omg divinity! so poggers omgomg


I am totally not going to join every single o3 server and get one run out of all of them for the event with a 0/8…


I can’t wait to get suspended in 10 discords by entitled Aholes that think they own the realms.


Probably not so great idea: $10 keys to open a private realm. Deca gets money, the discord servers have their own realm so they don’t have to scream at random players in small realms, and the normal players are free of the toxic o3 discords.


Can’t get banned if you don’t join em :wink:

but for reals, I’ll take my shitty pub runs than join a discord run.

Besides, what are they gonna do? throw a hissy fit if you happen to be in the same realm as their run?


I’ve had people threaten to suspend my whole guild for being in a realm minding my own buisness


That fucking sucks man :confused:

Really don’t understand the attitude people like that have. I know those people are virgin womanless losers (like me :sob:), but its very shitty to “claim” an entire realm for your own and get mad at people for simply going through the event When you lose nothing in the process.

I could somewhat understand if its their own runes they bought or collected, but its an event that pops all three lmao. There really isn’t an excuse for the amount of whinging some of these discords are doing, and goes to show that discords have, again, made the overall community much more toxic, or atleast concentrated it


its insane the audacity of some of these people smh id rather get banned in every discord than play with those prissy assholes anyway :laughing:


My experience is a lot of them set the bar so high for entry requirements and the leaders end up dying.

Its also kinda pirate and plunder realms and whats ours is ours, and you can piss off elsewhere.

This is why i dispise these discords tbh.
I’ll actually give this a review. I’ll tell you how i find it.