Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20


Copy of the Deca patch notes, posted on Reddit 5 days ago:

Patch Notes, ST Drops Locations, new OSTs and more! [X.34.2.1/Open Beta Patch #9]

Announcement graphic from the Flash news section:


They’ve seemingly called it update on Flash:


And the free pack, ~22 hours left to claim it:

image image


There’s a few discussion topics going on:

Also, it’s not mentioned in the notes, but they also changed the tomes sprites. Not convinced it was needed, but the tiered ones do look okay, the UTs though hmmm not sure, new puri and t-pain could perhaps be improved. Old puri in particular has a real shining look that the fat gold cross on the new one IMO doesn’t capture.

New tomes:

Old tomes:

There’s a poll about whether you like the resprites in the Just a whole lotta polls topic.

Also, the original theme music ‘The Sorcerer’s Tower’ has been added into Exalt as the default theme for some locations, see: Old Rotmg theme song randomly returned?


That pretty much sums up my opinion in the tomes. Love the new tiered ones, but the UT’s are very hit and miss.


Side note, slightly curious on what happens when flash cheaters go in. I had a look around on a mule when I saw you coul use bard on it, and it turns out it lets you access all Unity content - including the tutorial, where much of the enemies were reduced to [Exalted.whatever]. I’ll test it out later tonight…


You can do it completely with every shot being there, unlike what Deca claimed.


What do the holy beams look like?


They look exactly the same as Unity.



This angers me more than I’d like to admit, and I don’t even play the game.


I’m pretty sure it was already pretty strongly established during the whole bard debacle that exalt only content is primarily exalt only content in order to incentivize players to use exalt over flash rather than the technical limitations of flash allegedly making things incompatible. the speed at which flash hacked clients that could work with exalt only content were produced pretty easily demonstrates that it’s not that hard for someone who’s really dedicated to making it happen. I suspect we won’t see anything that really strains flash until it’s 100% officially discontinued and all flash clients become unable to connect with the game at all, which is undoubtedly the reason for adding exalt only content that could hypothetically have been flash content. they’re doing it so they can kick flash in the head sooner by convincing more and more people to stop using it.

then again, as long as deca’s attitude toward the general hacking problem remains, dedicated hackers can and probably will keep producing hacked flash clients that can work with the game no matter what through the power of sheer dedication. it’d take a complete overhaul of the server side of things in order to put a stop to that, which exalt hasn’t done a single thing about. I suspect what will end up happening from here on out is that deca will fix some of the server code, but will not rewrite it from the ground up like they did with the client. not even close. considering how long it took them to pull off exalt in the first place, I seriously doubt they can afford an investment that steep for something they can’t easily put up for show to the playerbase to keep them appeased.

even if they tried to make patch notes for all their progress on server-side fixes, it’d probably just look like this:

“stability fixes”
“stability fixes”
“stability fixes”
“de-spaghet more code”
“stability fixes”
“fucked up some hacker’s morning”
“stability fixes”
“stability fixes”
“de-spaghet more code”
“stability fixes”
“stability fixes”

all of which is certainly good, but I guarantee you it wouldn’t take long for people to start saying things like “I dc’d 3 times today, ‘stability fixes’ my ass” just because some stability fixes isn’t all stability fixes. the average rotmg user isn’t particularly clever or understanding, in case you hadn’t noticed yet.


They said that for bard, but for o3 they directly said this here:

Some of the effects used for Oryx 3 were only possible on Unity and we did not want to limit ourselves for what is intended to be an unrestricted, next-gen experience. While features like the Bard class can at least be displayed and understood by Flash, brand new features would be entirely incompatible, such as exotic new types of projectile movements will enable us to get more creative than ever with enemy design.

Clients admittedly do have fps/mem issues here and there, but it’s still 100% playable and not “entirely incompatible”.


Looking forward to more bug fixes (like dungeon count not showing or friend i invited to play had rubberbanding despite not having internet issues (no red/orange icon near the map), big helmet… and everything else… before or on MotMG.


I’m pretty sure they explained they (hacked client maker) just made their clients identify themselves to servers as exalt clients in the end, not sure though because I’m idiot :pensive:.

edit: so I loaded up the client on a mule and this was the thing on the exalt mode tooltipimage


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