Oryx 3, The Goblin Lair, and Creator Partnerships [Exalt Blog Update]


Based on the rate of them teasing Oryx’s government I’d say bard and O3 are only 2-3 weeks away


From the recent Q and A on the official RotMG discord server.


I think what they mean by O3 and bard being exalt-only probably means that the public testing session will only be accessible through Exalt. Honestly don’t think it would be very smart of DECA to cut off flash this early in the process, especially as many are still experiencing problems with the new client.

Edit: thank you horus for clarification. Seems pretty reasonable.


It doesn’t look to be worded this way, Bard and O3 are likely going to be Exalt exclusive entirely.

Pretty sure the O3/Bard update comes out alongside Exalt’s official non-beta release.


:frowning: got hyped over goblin lair


Wait a minute…



Holy SMOKES that is a beautiful sprite!!! Looking forward to seeing more like this in the game, wow! Remarkably smooth animation, too.


Perhaps this is why we should not underestimate him; he’s not a good fighter, but he is the Senate!


why is this giving me pokemon black/white vibes


Hmm no don’t see it


the way it moves reminds me of gen 5 pokemon sprites, they aren’t exactly the same but i think they are similar


Ok yeah I see it with volcarona more.


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