Oryx Chicken vs O1; Chicken is more difficult?


So the chicken is immune to paralyze and stun, normal O1 is not. For small groups this isn’t necessarily a big difference, but for bigger groups it’s a major difference. You can’t just sit in the group and hit O1 for easy loot and fame, you have to actually dodge something with shotguns capable of killing you. With the current O1 unless you super low defense and the spawns can kill you there is really no danger once the perma-stun gets started. The chicken always has danger because you can’t perma-stun. Anecdotally, I thought that even though the chicken is more dangerous it did not take longer than O1, while overall being a better boss that you couldn’t just make easy with perma-stun. O2 got a rework, and now I think O1 deserves something also.


I subjectively would rather kill the Oryx Chicken. First, you can tank the projectiles more, it doesn’t move alot, and it drops vanity whites, unlike O1 which drops some pots and gear.

In a large group, both are easy, but I think we kill O1 faster than Oryx Chicken, but there are more deaths on O1 than Oryx Chicken.


I found Oryx Chicken much less enjoyable with presumably high HP scale this time around, than it was in previous years.

Massive HP along with having no red map dot & no quest marker meant it felt very threatening since accidentally running into it would I’m sure be instadeath, and though each phase lasted far longer, threatening boredom, you still had to keep concentrating because there was no sign that it was going to change phase and if you were caught out, byebye.

These two things together meant a big thumbs down unlike in previous years when I was hunting it like mad.

On O1: it’s fine as is for the vanilla fight, but he could be made buffable for the big DPS groups to get enjoyment from a more high octane battle. It is the right level of difficulty for a small group and allows inexperienced/unmaxeds to sit out of “scary” phases and still somewhat challenging for soloers to complete it, but the big groups in 85/85 realms could be given something more.


I think chicken oryx is insanely easy to solo with a wizard or something.


oryx chicken is a bit harder however it drop vanity whites so its a trade off I guess.


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