Oryx Lag


We have all died from Oryx lag. Wanna discuss ways to reduce it? Or just share your deaths and experiences with Oryx Lag.


I have not died from oryx lag in a very long time. You get to know how to avoid it the only serious danger with oryx lag as far as i’m aware is in LoD

If it happens there I simply nexus.


I believe one way to reduce Oryx lag is when you know the realm is about to go to Oryx, you should either get in a safe place in the dungeon, or not go into one period.

If I know that the realm is about to go to Oryx and I don’t want to do Oryx, I usually just leave the realm to find a new one.


Please keep discussion in this thread to technical discussion regarding lag in Oryx encounters.

For all other discussion please check out these related discussion and information threads:


Thanks for the help. Not only a helpful tip for me, but to everyone else.



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