Oryx Sanctuary vs reworked Shatters solo speedrun time


Why would we settle for less? We can demand fixes and tweaks when we disagree with developers and, as long as we aren’t toxic and mean, giving feedback and having discussions is best we can do.

If you are having fun good for you, but I don’t think coming in to discussion just to shut it down is beneficial to anyone.




Dragon is right, regardless what we do, game will die off eventually. Especially that were developed from 1 decade ago or even few years back.

But yes, what you are suggesting does indeed can increase the game’s lifespan.


That does remind me of the king fight, which is honestly one of my main gripes with the dungeon alongside the twilight archmage fight. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new shats, but some of the features are really questionable and it definitely requires a lot more fine tuning (which I do hope they’re discussing, planning and doing soon)

Like the King for instance, the tentacle attack in the second half is a deep testament to that. You dmg cap him after 8% of HP dealt, and you’re left to dodge for the remaining duration of the attack…that’s how the fight was intended, to go on the offense and all of a sudden break from that stance? It breaks the flow of the fight, same goes with one of his chase phases where he shoots red and blue arrows. If the answer to having him hold his invulnerability is because “he is too easily damagable in that phase and is implemented to prevent steamrolling”, then essentially the devs have failed to make that attack engaging or challenging enough in the first place, hence the lazy invulnerability patchwork.

Also would like to point out how inconsistent these “damage caps” are implemented. Like they’re willing to smack it on these 2 phases but they don’t smack it on the 2 other easy chase phases in the 2nd half of the fight? If the whole narrative was to prevent steamrolling, why these inconsistencies?

But stepping aside from that invulnerability complain, I feel like the 2nd and 3rd boss…are quite confused with their terms of difficulty scaling. If you think about it, the 2nd boss’s difficulty scaling is basically constant for 90% of the fight, and is debatably harder for the final 10% (finale phase). While the 3rd boss’s difficulty scaling starts off extremely difficult…and then it tones down by the second half for some weird reason, shifts back up for that mandatory patience attack, and then tones back down after that. That’s just for individual bosses, I haven’t even begun on the fact that the 1st boss is much harder than the 2nd boss (but in terms of individual scaling, it is the most natural of the 3 bosses)

Is no one seeing how confusing these fight flows are compared to literally every other boss in the game? It’s straight up weird when I feel calmer the longer I’m into the boss fight, that’s really not how bosses work for a good reason.