Oryx Slayer Lvl. 18


I have only gotten Oryx Slayer a couple of times, but at the time of O1 I was around Level 15 :P.


Not to knock you down but to knock you down… it’s an assassin.


You always get an oryx kill if oryx dies while your poison is ticking on him


Wew nice.

Offtopic but I got sb on O2 with a t0 bow and t0 quiv on a lvl 15 archer. Got a wis and t10 bow xd


Mf when this could have been in #community-hub


it had a t1 poison, so i mean it was still a little bit of a shock


its called rng


I always thought sb was kinda high so idk


Awesome.That is a good acomplishment even if people say it isn’t.Your’e doing great.


sb dps thresholds depend on amount of ppl in dungeon (pretty sure) and if you qualify for the threshold, then think of it like a spinner, you qualify to be on the spinner and if it lands on you, then you get loot and obviously it does this for quite a lot of ppl


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