Oryx the Mad God 3 Raiding Discord + O3 Spoilers


Good day ladies and gentleman. Several days ago, as sad as it may be, I had a dream about Realm of the Mad God. I had visioned an Oryx the Mad God 3 Discord Server, and so I followed my subconscious and created one (https://discord.gg/ZFCQmyg)!

As of now, to access Oryx the Mad God 3, there are three separate incantations that will be required, all presumably dropping from unique enemies:

Oryx’s Sword, Shield and Helmet.
Oryx 3 has been confirmed to be designed with the intention of being more difficult than the Void Entity.

Oryx 3 Hunting (Name not finalized) is intended to be a service where ambitious and prepared players come with their incantations to hunt down, destroy and loot the powerful Oryx the Mad God 3, in a similar fashion to other dungeon raiding discords. I personally believe an organized group of ~85 players prepared with the three separate incantations would greatly improve chances of getting to O3, finishing O3 while doing it safely!

The server was recently created, and we already have a wonderful guy handling the discord’s bot. I’m asking you, if you want to help be apart of this discord, to join, hang around, suggest ideas, and/or pm me to be apart of the staff team!

Oryx 3 drops T15 Armor, T14 Weapons, and finally, T7 Abilities

(These are the T7 Ability Sprites as of the latest):

These will be coming with stats and effects similar to Tier 6 abilities; however, they come with a hefty +40 HP and +40 MP

The Armor and Weapons Stats:

-The T15 heavy armor gives +28 DEF.
-The T15 leather armor gives +21 DEF and +7 DEX
-The T15 robe gives +75 MP, +6 ATT, +17 DEF and +8 WIS.

-T14 Sword: 250-305.
-T14 Staff: 75-115.
-T14 Wand: 110-155.
-T14 Dagger: 110-190.
-T14 Katana: 180-225.

For those who are that interested, they are all speculated to have 570 feedpower, a 5% fame bonus, and they will drop in red bags.

As of the present, there are two Minibosses that halt your in your path before O3
Archbishop Leucoryx:

and Oryx’s Treasurer

I look forward to seeing all of you in the discord, or in the realm fighting O3 when he’s released, and get hyped for unity!

~ Disc

Credits to @CrocoBear and Hubert and the SpoilOTMG Crew for assistance with the list and spoilers! (Croco will be posting more spoilers as information comes out in the discord.


Bruh that robe gives defensive parity with a leather class wearing WC tops


Soulless Robe practically already gives defensive parity to leather classes (at the cost of all the other stats of course).



but still, you get the other stuff too tho


I like how there’s no sprite for the wakizashi.

On a more serious note, I really hope O3 isn’t as demanding as reaching the Void Entity… It’s already impossible to find and do public halls, and it would be a massive disappointment if O3 was just as repulsive. It seems like really bad balancing if players rely on a third party program (Discord) just to run dungeons.


I think that’ll become a major problem for all post-LH dungeons- they’ll all be relatively hard to reliably do without an organization


Oh yeah, and also the incredible difficulty when soloing. The bosses may be HP scaled, but minions are not toned down at all. Your only hope is with very few classes… usually the broken ones (Warrior for insane dps or defense with Jugg, Pally with the instaheal). In Fungal Cavern specifically, you have to clear crystals which means you will need to do some clearing and it’ll take at least a solid hour without a divine pet, and for what? Potions which you don’t need at that point because your 8/8? A low chance for tops/whites? Apologies for the short rant, but I don’t want to see a future where you need to be a god to beat a dungeon just to get a lousy reward.


source of the sprites? just curious


Personally, I don’t think you can really solve this issue

Tiered gear is fundamentally the same (sans the extra F L E X)

potions are capped at GLife

You can’t make the white bag item too common

High-end dungeons are not worth risking your character, especially if you’re poor

Want the flex? sure. But in terms of the min-maxing your account, not worth


It’s really just a huge issue with progression. Either DECA can make items stronger/encounters easier to achieve a more satisfying flow of gameplay, risking power-creep because players with multiple character slots can funnel gear into fresh characters, OR they could leave the progression as it is, and essentially cut off f2p players from reaching end-game content due to the sheer difficulty spike. It’s quite a dilemma.

Edit: and even IF they choose to make the items better/encounters easier, in a permadeath game with a really long progression, (like say 50 hours of gameplay on one character from level 1 top TXX tops,) dying becomes more and more devastating, especially for f2p players with only 1 character slot that have to go back to the very beginning.


With all the free character slots DECA has been giving out, this isn’t an issue for long in a player’s career. Neither are pets a big limiting factor, with the food that is given out. A new f2p will be well behind an established p2w, but they will get many useful things from the login calendar over the several month-long period it takes them to get the skills in-game to run the hardest content.

Honestly, the disparity between people who pay and people who don’t has gotten a lot smaller of DECA’s time, which has helped a lot of things (and broken others as well). I do also think that it’s important that the most difficult dungeons in the game require teamwork (but not discord), and soloing should largely be saved for those who are gods at the game. If just anyone can solo the dungeon, is it really that hard? Void is of course an exception since it seems (so far) to not be soloable on a legit client due to dps caps, but in general, soloing should still be very hard. It’s a coop mmo, remember.


Yeah, sums it up pretty well. Though, it seems like DECA is looking to balance the game for smaller groups (looking at their planned changes like IC/OOC, class changes for Mystic/Warrior/Pally), so here’s hoping for more cooperative and rewarding late/end-game


And this is why the new triple inc is a bad idea.


Our verification bot is up! Other features like standard raiding, mod mail and more are on the way!


I get these sprites from the SpoilOTMG discord, a group who delves into the code of RotMG to provide various leaks.


@Platformz Those sprites are hardcoded pre-kabam sprites made by wildshadow, they were accessible by duping in 2k13


One thing. You need to clear the whole realm for enough people to get in, if you rely on fast closing servers then you’ll get lots of (accidental) crashers. Coupled with hackers who fill uprealms s shown this event AND not being able to kick players, doing these in discords will be less viable…


There’s a new sprite or two in this image, don’t know if they’re entirely new or just strong enemies within the previous bosses mentioned.


Stop stealing @Niegil’s job


Update on the server: Just hit 100 members \o/, channels are more organized, and more bot features added!