Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


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Wat. I think pofs fulfills those requirements.

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I do believe what’s holding him back is his lack of posts in unique categories. For instance, his likes only come from his posts or him commenting on his posts, which are in #ideas. As soon as he comments & gets likes from posts in other categories, he should get regular.


Well, it’s just a title, I don’t really mind so much ;3


Please send this dungeon to Deca


One said,

One said,
“G͠uiĺt t̶a͠ct͏ic͟s.”

The first said,

One said,


I love the idea and i might have a thing.
Maybe events will now contain special consumables (cyan? White? Maybe 2% chances of drop?) that, when used near portal opener like inc, will give 1000-2000 fame donation.
In that way, people could instead fame training, have fun while contributing to the mass!
What do you think?


This is already on the latest version of the document; there are two items that do it in slightly different ways (the Galactic Libation and the Galactic Balthazar) :wink:

@moderators, if it isn’t too much hassle, could I please have some help with adding the link on comment number 177 to the original post? That might solve the confusion! :3

edit: I think I meant comment 181 c:


From where I’m sitting, comment number 177 is @MeteorMons saying:

Did you mean post 181?

I’ll assume “yes” and update the OP with that URL.


Whichever number it was/wasn’t/seemed to be, you got the right one!
Makes you wonder 'bout all this relativity wossname ;3

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:


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WOW like this idea
DUDE sound hard BUT SO FUN They should make it happen


That may be the longest mod note I’ve ever seen. Also very informative, thanks


@Puffagod they do this all the time… I think DECA is probably the worst game devs that have owned the game, because although they have added a lot more than KABAM ever did, they are unhelpful, unintelligent, and unfaithful to their players.


… But seriously, I’m fine with em ;3


:heart: :heart_decoration: Bob ross @Puffagod


Bob Ross = Instant Like


No Trees in that photo… Do you even Bob Ross?


That is a shallow summation of a great man’s work!



“Mistakes are just happy accidents.”