Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Can’t stop reading this.


Hullo! :smiley:

Let’s address the elephant in the room… some of the sprites in this dungeon are a bit terrible.
I have drafted a few replacements, please let me know what you think! c:

Treent Sapling:

image --> image


image --> image

Keep Guardian:

image -->image

Laidly Wyrm:

image --> image

Any critiques or suggestions for new resprites would be greatly appreciated :smiley:
Many thanks,
~ Puffagod


you should make like uhhh 4 sprites for me :^) there’s something in it for you, i promise!

because those look far better than the originals
i like that you toned down the shading. personally the old laidly wyrm looked super blocky and it’s sorta dull when it comes to primary colors, which can be said about most of the other sprites.

the only thing i have a small complaint about is that the treent/treent sapling both look kinda oversaturated.


Thanks for the feedback!

As for the originals, they are significantly older than most of the sprites in the final document. The Treent and Treent Sapling were designed when they released the Epic Dungeons as part of an unpublished idea to drop the Woodland Labyrinth because I didn’t like the Lucky Gods.

The Laidly Wyrm and Keep Guardian were artefacts from an early draft of the Beyond, for which I drew the sprites about eight years ago (where suffice to say I didn’t know what I was doing, still don’t to be honest).

Thank you for pointing out the oversaturation!
I will try to tone it down if I ever add them to the document officially. I have slight colour blindness so reds and greens are somewhat tricky unless I make it really easy for myself :3

As for your sprites, let me know and maybe I can help? c:


Holy hell reading this was a doozy, I love the entire idea behind this for such an intense read I was actually amazed how intrigued I was through reading every moment of this, if DECA does not add this I will lose all hope :slightly_smiling_face: , best of luck towards seeing this be implemented into the game I don’t care if it requires to be another motmg release like the lost halls I’d be happy to wait for such a detailed creation.


no u


As for the new sprites, I think the Treent Sapling still looks a bit… strange. It might just be the leaves, but the sudden change from dark of light green doesn’t look good to me.

The Keep Guardian now looks like a toy figure. Might just be me thinking the hands look like plastic bits, and how short they look.

I liked the previous Laidly Wyrm sprite. She had good cleavage.


this is the most well-thought-out concept for Realm I have ever seen.
This is amazing.


Hello :smiley:

Here’s round two of the sprite updates! This time I’ll put a little more justification in :3

Laidly Keep - Detritus floor tiles:

image image --> image image image image

Basically the original tiles were from an unpublished dungeon called the Ancient Archives that was one of my first forays into dungeon design. They were overshaded and amateurish and so I remade them.

Haggard Librarian:

image --> image

Same goes here, this enemy was a relic from the Ancient Archives and furthermore his weapon suited neither his character or projectile arsenal.

Hostile Glyphs:

image --> image

Another fairly obvious change :3

Death’s Head:

image --> image

I honestly have no idea what I was thinking with this enemy. It is out of place in every way. This resprite at least makes it a bit clearer and (ironically) more alive, but at this point I might as well remove it. Most of the new sprites are for Laidly Keep enemies, it’s the least aesthetically polished subdungeon in the Paracosm in my opinion, and that likely comes from its indistinct and liminal theme.

Gigatome, Bellico and Synergon Sheep:

imageimage image --> image image image

As much as I love the nostalgia of the old nexus sheep, their coloured versions didn’t really fit the look of the Paracosm and besides I prefer fluffy sheep! :3


image --> image

Didn’t like the symmetry, shading and static pose of the old one. New version hopefully more intimidating!

Yik the Erl-King:

image --> image

This is the one I am most unsure about. The original Erl-King sprite was very messy and I couldn’t even remember what each bit was meant to be myself! The new one fixes that but loses the iconic thyrsus staff which I believe is referenced in the battle segment of the document. Alas!

Please let me know what you think of these changes and if there is anything else that blatantly needs reworking! c: Thank you for your continued support, really means a lot :smiley:

~ Puffagod


WOW! The mushroom guy looks way scarier now, and the Erl-King looks like a woodland-y minotaur (in a good way). Your sprites are incredible! I wish I could make sprites as good as those! :smiley:


I really like the idea :smiley: But waow it took time to read :blush: Nice work :slight_smile:


Hey does that Book Enemy have an animation yet?


Yeah it always had one, but the pixel editor is busted so perhaps it’s lost forever :c


Did u put this on reddit too? It’ll get my white bag


Its been on reddit a few times along with my other ideas, but never gained too much traction (to my memory).
I still feel that the subreddit is highly inadequate as DECA’s main platform of communication and that an official dedicated forum would be much better :3


Just making a post so the topic doesn’t close :slight_smile:


Topics in the Best of the Best category can’t be closed by the system automatically after 2 months.


okay, while i don’t have too big of a problem with Paracosm being unable to close, I really don’t see a real to still have this around.
Puffagod readies pitchfork
Woah woah woah! Calm down, hear me out!

Right now, there isn’t a whole lotta actual… discussion about how great of a dungeon this is. Everything that needs to be said, well, has been said. There is basically no discussion left, besides the occasional sprite rework or idiots being unable to read previous posts people not understanding how Best Of The Best threads can’t be bumped. Sure, it’s cool and all, but after the two years this idea has been out, it’s certainly, lost it’s edge, if you may. While the new forumer might want to comment about how they thought this was super duper cool (trust me i wanted to do it with Xaklor’s Nameness Void idea), I think it serves more good than bad if we where to close this thread.

as said by the great Puffa himself:

okay maybe not, i just wanted to use that

(though i would love to see you pull a Xaklor and completely redesign the Wastelands and the Catacombs, I though they where really cool!)

(Hey puffa remember that time i saw you in the ice tomb chain and we talked about dungeons n stuff? good times…)


As fondly as I recall our encounter in the realm, I cannot help but feel that this sentiment is a trifle unfair!

There is perhaps a case to be made for the Best of the Best catergory to be rendered absolutely sterile as a sort of community museum, but singling out the Paracosm because there’s ‘no discussion left’ is an affront to my very standing! It’s the most thriving thing in the entire subcategory at present, even the people posting to avoid it closing down - as foolish as that may be - strongly suggests a desire to keep it open!

And besides, not to toot my own trumpet, but Paracosm is one of the more supported dungeon ideas on the forums. I still get PMs about it, and I am extraordinarily surprised and pleased that all my time and effort is still popular after two years - of course it isn’t as fresh or exciting as it was at first, but in my view that does not diminish its charm. I consider it my magnum opus and I really care about it, I still check the thread zealously every morning to see if there are any replies, and when there are it makes my whole day! And if you wish to deprive me of my simple happiness, shame on you!

I don’t think they really need redesigning, can’t see much wrong with them.

And furthermore I was working on a new idea, but now that the Art Maker isn’t working (and the testing one doesn’t seem to exist) it is being put on hold for uncertain duration. Even if DECA don’t care to involve me in any community content, its not as if I’m locked in some ivory tower growing fat off my youthly successes, I still have plenty of ideas c:


hmm, tastes like strawberry!

look im just annoyed with all the new forumers bumping
and this