Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Oh hey look GGaod is being civilized, like for real this time!

And then I see this immeasurable contrast in quality… I see the last sparks of hope flicker away…




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Both of you five minute time outs in your respective corners.




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I was thinking about realm as a game after watching talwars latest video and I think this dungeon in combination with a final oryx boss is just what the game needs. Is there anyway that beating the paracosm could open the portal to O3 or something like that?


Also if there is ever an o3 they should make him immune to status effects and shoot bullets that 1 shot you if they are not dodged in certain phases.


Check out my idea THE BEYOND for a final Oryx boss. This dungeon aims to deepen and continue Oryx’s story and influence in the wake of that idea c:


plays trickster
gets to bridge boss
teleports to gigatome
activates boss with everyone else
in rage phase
teleports away from group
players get slowed, weak, quiet, sick and armour broken.
everyone dies/nexuses except me
finishes boss
gets weatherhead mask



Hmm. It sure would be interesting though if it wasn’t soulbound. People would start to sell it for more as it accumulated more fame.


oh god, there would be so many swap scams


20 minutes, more like 20 hours, no, more like 20 days of entertainment


tfw when your favorite dungeon creators get sucked into ugc and now it takes 9999e9999 months for each dungeon
i mean yeah they actually get released but im not that type of player ultra sad
wait actually idk if puffa is in ugc


He isn’t.