Oryx's Paracosm: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


i can’t completely tell if you’re joking here because even that (relatively) quick post had so much potential.
here it is for reference


The way you can tell its a joke is that it involves one of my ideas actually getting into the game :joy:

But I paid my ten pence to get a name on that wall in Unity and so I can’t complain c:


You, Puffagod, are the paragon of excellence when it comes to the novel ideas. This dungeon is one I would sincerely like to see implemented. It is excellent in every way, save for some kinks that need to be worked on. (Namely item rebalancing. The items are still way too OP).

Sadly, DECA is unlikely to do such a thing, even if the idea is sound.


AKL, you massive fool, egregious braincell lacker, gargantuan squab.

Now be nice.


wait what?


Your link: [link]((link url))
A correct link: [link](link url)

/off-topic, now.


oh i see
it looked like it could be clicked on but it couldnt

fixed it


Congrats Puffa, and always looking forward to your next ideas! (Also Beeyond you say… I am intrigued…)


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:clap: Forums :clap: Don’t :clap: Reject :clap: Paracosm :clap:


Yo this is my first time seeing this dungeon and it looks really cool (also really difficult). I like everything about the designs, bosses and items, good job Puffagod!


I’m a little curious, would you happen to have an updated document of the Paracosm with the new sprites?


Oh… thank you for reminding me to do that, I’d quite forgotten. Going over the document again was such a nostalgia trip!


Enjoy c:


The amount of effort you have put into this dungeon is truly mind blowing!! Deca should add this exquisite piece of work into the game immediately! :grin: Also have a delicious :cookie:


i think the portal sprite is blending


*trixters typo


Thanks for the :cookie: C:


It was my pleasure! *bows


Update! C:

Yo yo yo, preliminary apologies for the necrobumb (and this comment’s slightly unorthodox presence in this thread), but I wanted to say something about my next project (the Beeyond). Lots of people liked my last idea so I feel like I kind of have a duty not to disappear completely…

Estimated current progress:

Enemy sprites: 100% (at last)
Environment sprites: 95% (might have a few more to do, dunno yet)
Projectile sprites: 33% (oh lord…)
Writing: 25% (very optimistically)
Actual designing + balancing: 23.5% (this never goes above 50%)

I am slightly phobic of flash keeling over and robbing me of the supremely efficient and nostalgic Art Maker, so I have been working on getting the art done first… to mixed effect. Now I’ve made this post it will give me some incentive to get it out earlier, but it should be out of the oven some time next year c:

Additional apologies if you don’t give a fiddle, but hopefully the eventual result will at least partially validate the 45 seconds it took you to read this! C:

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