Overcharged QOT bug


I used my Overcharged QOT in the nexus and now the animation is only happening where i first used it. I even went into my vault and came back into the nexus and it’s still in the same place. Is this a bug people know about already?


More info: Changed servers- animation is still in the same place
Swapped my quivers, fired, changed back - animation is still in the same place
Went into a realm and came back- animation is still in the same place
Unequipped everything and re-equipped- animation is still in the same place

Only when I left the game and reloaded it fixed the issue

After messing around with it, the bug only seems to happen when I use my overcharged conflict, swap characters, and then use overcharged QOT. Very weird bug lmfao.


Honestly? I completely forgot these things even existed.

Might be related to tweaks to spritesheets, but I’ll try to see if I can bring it to some dev-nerd’s attention :3


I’m betting the devs also forgot these things existed


Thanks :smile:

It might also be worth letting them know I’m playing on the ROTMG exalt download version from the official ROTMG site (Not steam), so idk if the bug would happen on steam as well.


Reminds me of the new ST bard ability bug. Sebschoof showcased it here, the link should skip to the correct part of the video (2:12). This was on testing and it might have nothing to do with your bug, this just reminded me of it.

Like Seelpit said, the atlas was optimized a few updates ago and DECA probably forgot to test some stuff. To be fair, not a lot of people have the Charged QoT and the Chaos Conflict…


I honestly don’t understand why you would spend money on something so trivial and aesthetic but it’s not my money and not my choice so you do you.


It looks cool! And voluntary/unnecessary cosmetic purchases is a friendlier way of monetizing the game in my opinion.


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