Paden vs Necker



Sums up it up pretty well, huh?


  • Paden
  • Necker

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Wait, so the necro dies?






The rogue sneaks up and kills them both.
He’s right here


I could draw him in(shittily of course)


He’s invisible.
He’s already there.


Edit: A wild XHippobroX has appeared :open_mouth:


No, you die for insulting my kind


except the necro uses his skull to literally destroy the rouge.

No. The necro needs to be bigger, more menacing, and where the heck is his skull?


Ok, wait maybe four hours, and I’ll get around to it.


mystic curses both, then kills with berserk - oh and just in case you’re wondering where the other 10 are, mystic already stasised.


As soon as I saw paden Vs Necker I knew I had to see what it was

As long as the necro is bigger than the pally and has an endless torment or some swag iten like that then I will be impressed.


Ten hours solid of work

edit: oh shoot I forgot neckers staff



The necros don’t even do any necromancy how can they be necromancer their more like vampires


@xhippobrox done


Perfect :ok_hand:

Oreo lowers def by 4 so now the necro will dominate!

@kevinkdw @solosen @EpicNecros
I need more people to vote necro in the poll help!


At that range, necro has a disadvantage.
I do like necro and paladin
but oreo gives invulnerability, and low range favors the paladin


Guys it’s not an actual scenario, plz don’t overanalyse it.




with all the tools the paden has, surely it will crush the necker like the bug it is.