Pages 16-20 from other bosses



I’d like to know where y’all got your last pages from,

I looted page 20 from Sphinx yesterday and like to know if you checked some other non-shatters bosses.

See ya.


I got pages 16-20 from cyclops gods


All of the Realm events drop em with the exception of Liches and Ents


To bee precise, the full list of Realm enemies that drop pages is:

Ghost Kings, Cyclops Gods, Red Demons, Cube God, Crystal Worm Father, Jade and Garnet Statues, Ghost Ship, Grand Sphinx, Lost Sentry, Rock Dragon, Lord of the Lost Lands, Skull Shrine, Avatar of the Forgotten King and the Killer Bee Nest


Grinding 7 shatts total, but I think it drops from all event bosses excluding liches and ents


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