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Derivation represent.

Meanwhile their founder has zero talent.




so the quiver is mad OP

but… fix plz


Actually really hyped for these events, because I need arch sts and naval is last piece of set for me


Ooo… pretty colors. I like it!


Showcases (in case you didn’t see/are too lazy to click the link)

Hyeperion’s Vampire Rogue

Sebchoof’s Treasure Hunter Archer


I don’t think that’s fixable since the quiver is built entirely from server sided bullet create. The new dagger’s scythe proc suffers from the same problem.

Normally abilities like quivers have client sided projectiles but this isn’t the case for this ST quiver (otherwise it wouldn’t be able to pull off the cool layered shots).


Anybody know what the damage comparison with the st quiver is to void quiver? Because I might be farming some ruins/tcaves


If there is one thing this game needs, it’s more archer ST items that rival void whites.


i dont get it

edit : massive lag i see


Embellished: 9 total shots (full set), 250 damage per shot; 2250 total damage if perfectly up close.
Void Quiver: 5 total shots, 400-500 damage each, average of 450; 2000-2500 (avg.: 2250) total damage if somewhat up close. So it can rival Void Quiver, but it can also underperform.

Things to keep in mind: the projectiles of Embellished are very slow, and don’t have great range at all, making it much less useful at more mobile enemies. Contrarily, Void Quiver’s projectiles are fast, have great range, and deal more damage per shot. The increased shot speed, from my experience, also makes it slightly easier to land point-blank shotguns compared to Embellished - on top of its slight delay due to it relying on BulletCreate rather than Shoot.


deca like, lets nerf this vbow clone. 5 sec later ooh vquiver clone easy money


We jest and joke but please direct those complaints to the people who, y’know, actually made the set.
@Aurum if you please


Can you buff the sctythe’s proc a little, one 200 flat damage shot and 1 to 2 50 flat damage shots every 0.6 seconds is only like 350 flat DPS and that’s assuming a target with low def, the dmg is low and it gets lowered alot by def, you could make the proc more significant by either making its’ damage scale with att, armor pierce or just increase the damage altogether, maybe rebalancing the dagger shots themselves to accomodate. It’s just that the proc is really cool but doesn’t actually do all that much cause of how weak it is.


I honestly thought you were the landfish for a second rather than the archer, since it looks like the shots are coming from the landfish at first


No he can’t

also the dagger does like 850 damage point blank while invis and just the shot hits around 500 on gods on a maxed rogue.


I now have the full set, it’s pretty dope, gonna max a rogue.


I can’t help but compare the dagger to A.S.S. simply because they have the same range… (Yes I know they’re from a different class, daggers are just garbage)


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