Patch – Remember the Nil


Void Blade shadowbuff

The mini cuboid necro skin looks fantastic! I also love that the shots go through obstacles because of the 3D theme.

Quests seem pretty reasonable. 80 event god kills for the full archer set.

Still have never finished a Belladonna’s… Maybe I will this year!


Against void blade changes a lot. It was a super fun item before, now not so much. It wasn’t supposed to be versatile, it was supposed to be an extremely niche item where you stack up a bunch of shots and wait for enemies to walk into them and take massive damage. I don’t see why you are trying to turn it into a normal weapon.


Although I agree with disliking the change, I still wouldn’t call it a “normal weapon,” per se. I suppose we have to all start actually aiming now, huh? Lol

My guess for doing this is to prevent the brokenness that stacking those shots could cause, but man…


The stacked shots was the fun of it. And I did say ‘trying’. Really mad rn though. It kinda seems like deca just wants to hange literally everything, and I’m not a fan of that.


To be fair (and I’m not defending the most recent changes), firstly, they were the initial designers for the Void Blade. The Toxic Sewers was among their earliest dungeon additions, in fact! But also, I welcome the idea of changes. If the game can’t be what it used to be like (which it won’t be because of the playerbase), I’d rather see it evolve somehow. This was a rough round with the VBlade and Nilshards, but I support the game evolving, even if it plays at my heartstrings sometimes.

Now, I feel the largest concern for Realm is deciding what kind of game it wants to be before they run out ideas. The Discord meta is making the game far more shallow than it used to be, because in the old days, there was a bit of phone conferencing on occasion, but for the most part, it was FFA and delightfully inefficient. Now, it’s hard to throw hard enough content out there without boring players or completely dominating in unfair ways, and with the current core design of the game, it’s difficult to do anything else.

I’ve watched and waited for years now, seeing what the fate of this peculiar ex-Flash game would bring… it’s been an interesting journey thus far. Mistakes were made; some mistakes were arighted, others became a permanent part of the fiber, and some were realized to be beneficial later. I await further evolution with earnest
Rai hah Rai hah, praised be Halek’s infinite wisdom. Halek, tiet tiet Rai hah! *cough *cough…


Rest in peace literally every idea for a new class/weapon that involved axes :pensive:


There was already chipper, so


…and was also what allowed for unintended phase skipping.
Excuse it all you want, its versatility is through the roof now. To compare, here’s what the change more or less entails, from my pov:

  • +Projectiles can now be set up from a distance against stationary/barely moving targets.
  • +Targets can still be lured into the shots, and no longer need to walk into the exact tile the shot was landed in (due to the shot now moving after some time)
  • +Shots can still be stacked up for a good amount of damage
  • -Much, much less instakill potential

…which, frankly, just makes the item way more fair.


I liked the instant kill potential. And it could only really be used in places like snake pit guard

  • Gemsbok
  • Belladonna
  • Daichi
  • LoD

The fact that it existed does not excuse its unintended effects on being able to wholly skip fights.
The instakill potential was fun, sure, but it also has no place in the game.


That’s the only reason I’m not adamant about the change. I’d rather they do this than nerf the shot damage, but… ;.;

I’d try not to be a cause of the problem and merely leave a trail, much to the very vocal protesting against my “idiotic actions, wasting so much of our time; Y U DU THIS 2 US WORM” (Phrases actually spoken to me in places like Tombs), at least. I’ve had my fun with 3 previous Voids before this one before the change. .,.


People use a void blade? what’s that?



man that was a nostalgia trip and a half unearthing this



lol swordsK not even in Deri


This is ten percent luck
Twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure
Fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the nil


Indeed, friend…

I have not tried the new Void Blade, but this change looks massive.

In my head, there are 2 categories of weapons: the offensive ones :crossed_swords: and the defensive ones :shield: . Offensive weapons need you to come to the enemies, while defensive weapons have you waiting for them, to come to you. Most weapons fall in the first category, but Wand of the Bulwark and the Void Blade belong in the second.

Will this change affect this, of that I don’t know. I just hope it won’t.


It starts out slow and then accelerated for new changes. Now it is just a stupid weapon, where before it was my favorite weapon to use :sob:


Here, have a tissue. And don’t worry about my shoulder.


I’m going to echo exactly what people said on reddit.

Who cares if you can insta bosses with voidblade?

Doing the insta requires coordination and a thorough knowledge of the game.

By no means is vblade a ‘no skill’ nuke.

I stated on the other post exactly why this update is bad.