Patch – Remember the Nil


Because if something is OP (even in a PvE game), it loses the replayability. IC/OoC is such an example, it is a vital update to keep the game healthy for the long run, despite of playerbases’ objections.

Doesn’t matter if VBlade can only be used on Ninja or Samu, it should not be possible to stack up shots and insta-killing dudes without death animations. It does requires skills yes, except its OP-ness makes up for it.

How so exactly? By not able to stacking up shots?

Now it proved even more that VBlade should be as it is now.

What is this comparison?

No it won’t. It still can’t solve the insta-killing bosses.

VBlade still has its use except it can now be treated as a DBow for Katana class.


Now it’s useless. The dps you can do with stacked shots is minimal, so you would be better off using a celestial blade which deca gave us the blueprint for (not complaining about them giving us blueprint, just saying it’s now easily obtainable, which ruins vblade even more now). So all in all vblade just is not worth using over the other katanas where before it was an insanely fun item


How the hell pre-reworked VBlade was fun? Insta-killing?


Stacking up shots and having enemies walk into them. Everyone’s making such a huge deal about insta killing when it was barely even possible. I have said this before and I’ll say it again in 4 years of playing realm I didn’t see one thing get instakilled


Are you sure about that?


Yes I am sure. I obviously meant in game for me, ok? I obviously think old void blade was better than new one.

  • can still lead enemies into it
  • can now stack up shots from a distance while an enemy is invulnerable
  • can still stack up some shots on an enemy’s predicted position for burst damage

New Void Blade has way more uses without being able to literally skip entire boss fights on account of recognizing patterns.
There’s nothing else I can tell you.


this conversation reminds me of a feature toastrz and/or kiddforce requested ages ago for ugc, way back when Krathan was around to give you an idea of how old the idea is: a behavior that would prevent hp from dropping below a specified number while in that state. I hope that feature didn’t get forgotten because it’d provide a far neater solution to the issues you’re all bringing up of phase skipping and instakill since a phase could only take exactly as much damage is necessary to transition to the next no matter how much damage you dump into it. it’d also remove the need for large hp buffers at the end of a fight to prevent death animations being skipped, imagine a world in which a boss dies when its hp bar actually runs out!

the void blade changes are whatever to me, I don’t play anymore so I can’t tell whether they’re as big a deal as people are saying. but even if it does allegedly fix the instakill problem (which I can’t imagine was actually ever much of a problem to begin with given that it basically never happened, let alone became a dominant mainstream strategy), but that only solves this particular incident. it doesn’t stop it from happening again with something else, and there will inevitably be another something else.


I’ve never understood why they don’t use the first point you made ever since I payed more attention to boss behaviors (probably when their hp bars were revealed when you’re nearby rather than only below a moving target so I could actually see what was going on).


The closest thing ever added was SetHP, which just sets a boss’ behavior to a specific percentage.
The entire problem with instakills is that it bypasses that by simply overloading the boss with excessive damage all at once.

also the changes made it way more generally usable compared to the old version


i mean, if you want excitement then you can always just be that rusher. heavens know i have and the game has become so much more fun.

@xaklor wlab does something similar, when you get the thing to 1 hp you can keep whaling on damage and the damage will show up, but boss hp bar says 1 hp, i’m assuming specifically to stop insta killing and the loss of loot because of the 3 phases being different entities


Wait what happened with Void Blade did they decrease the lifetime maybe



do any of you people have a void blade? if so, please record yourself using it.(preferably with max dex, but anything will do)


Ok, now people don’t even think I have the stupid weapon.


wut hunh? what ruins vblade? its accessibility? the usability/viability of celestial?


Both. Now a lot of people have access to celestial blade and can use it to the fullest of its extent. But, I obviously think that void blade was better before the update and nothing seelpit says is gonna make me change my mind after testing them out, so let’s all just leave this here and not argue about it


I think everyone forgot the nil. . .


You just had to, didn’t you lol

Also, you could’ve waited a single month longer to bump… -.-