Patch Notes - Oryx changes, Discord Nitro Boosting Rewards and more


%-post from a Reddit post earlier today:


@moderators Yeet this one in #news:developers-corner please!

@WangleLine’s new Candy Land track:

And on YouTube:


i will put my epic reminder here too


Hopefully they’ll hire a dedicated security team eventually.


The rewards will be given to up to 300 people now so thats a thing


It’s funny that they’d lie about the effects thing not being possible in Flash, though.


yeah kinda cringe they lied in the communities face (most of which are hackers or have a good understanding of hacks) and the fact that they thought they could get away with it. flash is dead but how far can you go deca? then again considering the obscene amounts of money ppl spend in this game

rng is getting better tho noice


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