Patch Notes 32.0.4 - RIFTs Season 2, upcoming events and more


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Lmao big brain. I guess the unprofitable challenger mode was taking away paying players from chest events so they staggered the two, good thinking.


I really like the whole global tokens idea, rather than just for limited-time events. It makes if feel less like a rush to get them all.

I like the weapons too - they seem more powerful, but with more pronounced drawbacks as well.
They all seem relatively balanced, but oh man am I hyped for the quadra-shot wand!
Bwahahah! Shotgun Priest!!!


the staff is trash
fite me irl




And these would be what?
It’d be helpful to know, to decide which class we are going to make, WC being such a significant part of Rifts. Like, does Oryx try to jump on you like Golden Sphinx in Katalund (essential to know).
Or, do wines drop more often from the minions (useful to know).
Or, does O2 give different chat shout outs (doesn’t matter).

I don’t want to get a nasty surprise, what with only 3 lives, you see?

X.32.0.4 image from the news section:

Rifts Season 2 only gets a default/generic graphic:

Update, they made a proper image for Season 2 Midweek Mayhem now:


Don’t give them any ideas, Nevov.


Rifts S2 is live, guess they want us to be surprised by whatever they’ve done to the WC, going by the description.



Pixie for mah priest :smiley:


I’m not gonna get my chest cuz I died in last sprite cuz of a lazy priest oh well

Spoiler of what's different in WC (click to see)

Okay so the WC map is different, there are four spawn points, and each is a narrow corridor that twists around until you get to O2 in the central room.


Not sure whether O2 is ‘old style’ or not, we were all 0/8 so everyone failed and nexused. We didn’t see any other phases before we failed, but don’t take that as guaranteed.

Edit: Nope! He has the same phases it seems, have seen Chase and Suns, so GL if you get him in the corridor… The suns seemed to explode directly from out of the floor when the full pattern is blocked by the corridors, which is a bit harsh, so I’ll inb4 people rage about that.

& for the quests:

Power of Pixie (completing gets the 1x ST Mystery Chest on prod) is 3x Sprite marks, so very easy:

& Wine and Die (completing gets the Red Turtle Shell pet skin on prod) is 3x O2 marks, shouldn’t be hard either:

RIP Bonegrind pot farming…


Something else that caught my eye:
Realms have a max player cap of 50, instead of 85!

And a minor detail, after selecting a pet to follow me:
Not sure if this is cause I did it very quickly after loading into the Pet Yard, or if this goes for other pets, too…


Ice cave problems:
it does NOT give fame AT ALL
it does NOT give LOOT at all, not even mark
Why is it there? It gives nothing. Literally.


Ice Cave?


Are you unfamiliar with the dungeon the Ice cave?

Ok @Wilhuff I’m sorry, I didnt mean it
I thought you were Grammar-Naziing me, please accept my apologies


I mean, why are you asking about ice cave?

And you seriously have some nerve to call me a nazi. That’s quite rude.


It isn’t meant to be in this season (or the last). Since the last season, they haven’t been able to fix it, so instead they made it so it give no exp or loot, aka functionally useless.


why the hell did this mini argument even start. He didn’t even correct you grammatically Diamondest, he just asked a simple question.

quite odd that they can’t fix it, when it seems like it’d just be easy to remove the function that drops the portal in the first place.


I would like to contribute to this thread by stating that Rifts season 2 was a huge disaster.

By the afternoon on the 2nd day the event was barren.

Literally with 10 hours left USW had only 1 full realm capable of completing oryx.

Every single other server had less than 10 people.

It was just ridiculous and impossible to play.

Again, the evidence shows that people don’t really want hard/challenging tediousness.


My read into what happened, I found it very enjoyable, is: anyone playing for fame/leaderboard naturally wanted to be where the fastest gameplay was happening, so as night fell local time on [c]EUE and [c]EUW and populations dwindled, active players relocated to [c]USE/W where it was still busy.

Because the turnaround speed of events/realm closing was good on [c]USW, once people tasted it, they didn’t want to go elsewhere; so we saw the typical fame train thing of 40+ people queuing (who could’ve gone to the empty 2nd realm) preferring to wait and then flood the realm up to 90+/50 when it opened. Then on Day 2, because the fame-ers never went back to their regular server, no viable realms ever got going elsewhere, and anyone logging on also joined the crowd on [c]USW.

Honourable mention to [c]USS which had a 25/50 or higher realm going throughout, albeit looked like mostly 0/8s.

Even server-hopping looking for closing realms wasn’t very viable, because you’d be (possibly) going somewhere with no inc, or a smaller & less maxed group, so was better to stick with a guaranteed group.

Objectively, it wasn’t any harder to do the new WC, it was always cleared, and the new corridors lent themselves to dragging and over-the-wall tactics very nicely, once it was clear that it was the same O2 only in a new map. The difficulty came from low/no pet, and being 0/8, and the overall difficulty of some phases (sun/dance) which are impossible for unmaxed non-range.

So, alas, yes, if you only wanted a quick O2 mark, the only option was to herd into the full realm. And true, due to out of wack HP Scaling, many players find it tedious to play solo or in small groups for a many-times-longer fight, & more risk, but same reward, vs piling in as part of a big crowd. Future changes sound like they’re going to try and address this with lower base HP, I believe.