Patch Notes, ST Drops Locations, new OSTs and more! [X.34.2.1/Open Beta Patch #9]


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What is this new icon near mini-map (Exalt)?
Patch Notes [X.34.2.0] and F2P Bonus Program!

Nice, another possible reward from clearing heroes (Traveler’s Trinket is going to take an eternity for anyone grinding for the set though)


Wow. This is possibly an update that every player can get behind… Does anyone know what Chat and Launcher Improvements are though? Not sure why DECA didn’t just give us an actual net jitter tab instead of a vague colour option though -.-


Well, you should now no longer be able to say Mouse0 in chat to “say” the left-mouse button icon. Same thing for a bunch of strings that you could enter stuff in to spam chat.

Also, not in the patchnotes, but the Oasis Giant had its HP buffed to 3000. It used to be a very very meager 650 >_>


My opinions on the st drop locations for the samurai set:

I think it was clever and fitting to have the pieces drop from the heroes of oryx. The Daring Discoverer will have to traverse the entire realm to hunt for its items. One thing to point out which is both good and bad is that the enemies it drops from are each killed in under 5 seconds, which requires you to bring a trickster or ninja to get to the quest before everyone tps and steals your loot ( and if 10 people tp nobody will hit the soulbound threshold). However, if you choose you may go into an empty realm and try to find the items there. This will force you to kill event gods with very small groups— certainly very daring
My biggest problem is with deathmage. Afaik all other st drop locations are from bosses, minions in the boss room, trooms, or enemies directly on the way to the boss room. Deathmage does not fit any of these requirements, nor does it even have a quest marker. I think the final piece should drop from ents, liches, gkings, or red demons instead. I would prefer ents because they are really only focused when there are 10 or fewer heroes remaining. This would add more incentive to help realm clearers as well as give players who are unable to solo buff ents an incentive to kill them ( don’t act like doing the quest and getting 50 or so xp is an incentive when you are a high enough level to just farm enemies in the highlands).

Another note:

Maybe make the oasis giant a bit of a higher level quest and give it more exp. Maybe level 15? It is extremely hard for leveling players without pets to kill due to the high amount of minions.

Finally, typing this out gave me an idea. Guild realms (fit up to 50 people) that can be bought for guild fame. Same enemies, same drops, but with a slight increase in drop rates (x1.2). This would be another way to farm the set with fewer players and allow for more guild teamwork





I am actually hyped, looking at these drop locations. More reefs, more theaters, and more realm clearing!

RIP my 400 FP, but cool change for the future.


Well, in the Deathmage’s defense…

  • Liches already have their minions drop a full ST set
  • Ghost Kings should have their drops moved to the archers drop parts of an ST set
  • Red Demons drop a part of an ST set
  • Ent Ancients already have their Greater Nature Sprite drop the Quiver of Thunder

Another thing to keep in mind is that, unless you’re at a very specific level, you won’t easily find Deathmages. This makes them slightly more elusive, and gives players less of a shot to actually “steal” your chance at soulbound.

In full honesty, I’m also a bit “meh” on the current drop locations - especially with a Realm rework on the second horizon (aka very far away), but we’ll have to see how it plays out.


ppes rejoice


Bruh, Watarimono, the highest single-target Waki, from an Oasis giant. I can’t believe my PPE is gonna finally enjoy a set.


I still wonder when they’re going to address the bug where an ability (such as Prism or poison) is used outside of the FoV still uses up mana despite the abilities not working properly. Oh and the bug where Oryx cloak has no cooldown.


Was the default graphic for X.34.2.1/Open Beta Patch #9 in the in-game menu:


OT minions having a unique drop might finally give a push for people to change their lazy behaviour in there. I’d like to see a lot more of this game-wide to motivate clearing/helping/killing things. Items such as Coral Ring or Armour could be moved onto minions, I mean there’s no reason Thessal needs to have all these things herself.

Not especially keen on the samurai set being parcelled out over the level 20 realm quests, because some of the items don’t fit really thematically with their enemies, but it did seem inevitable at some point, and the Deathmage thingy is cool idea to get people seeking their setpieces and running around. (Alternate ‘Bounty’/quest arrow letting us see lesser quests when?)

Yes, this is true, though maybe it having more HP could be good for encouraging a weak group to think about tactics, back out to heal, focus on minions, call others to help in the fight.

The 3 seconds invuln upon TP seems excessive, but maybe that will get reduced in due course when better fixes are available, such as having enemies not even enter the range of the start zone. I like how Mad God Mayhem was improved with the separate spawning-in room as a more natural way to handle this.

Other fixes all seem logical, countering griefy things that players do etc. A good mystic in a weak group really could be a saviour with stasis in Megamoth at times, but the troll-stasis negatives were pretty big with it, and having boss-immune has become a standard.

This is how they look now (the brown shots):



this may help you grind


It opened up to YouTube, and I immediately thought I had been rickrolled, but then I wasn’t.


realises you may just want more people to get rickrolled


An unfortunate side effect of thematic items but a lack of thematically fitting enemies to evenly spread them over ú_ù


Did you, specifically choose those as drop locations?


Nope, I just made the items .3.


New patch: Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20