Patch Notes [X.33.0.0] + The Machine Event [Apr 1st to Apr 6th]


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[Edit: the Reddit post stated an ambiguous/wrong end time of the event, saying it as 12:00 AM UTC but the chest did remain until 12:00 (noon) UTC as per usual for events. The Glitch continued spawning after that. -Nevov]

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Patch Notes [X.32.7.1] & St. Patrick's Day Events

April Fool prank I suppose?




Wow that one actually caught me, I was preparing a rant. Forgot it was “disbelieve anything you read” day today. :upside_down_face:

X.33.0.0 patch graphic from the in-game menu screen:



I was April Fooling you about the Jugg changes being an April Fools joke


I have helm of Jack o Naught and they didnt nerf it


That was, close.


tis cannot be true.


I hope it is


I got a double white and another white from boss in one dungeon.


real or fake


Take a wild guess.


its neither right.


why only AE, ASE, AUS (machine minions) that drop cheater armor?


Fake. Got my hands on one and tested it.


wearing toxic armor sounds like a terrible idea ngl


Posted: April 1st


New Fame Box:


off topic, but I don’t like the new font on exalt. It looks uneven and distorted.


I like the font, but it looks like the shadow behind it is missing.
Maybe that’s what is unpleasant to see?


A lot of things are missing shadows currently on eggsalt and could really use them