Patch Notes [X.33.0.0] + The Machine Event [Apr 1st to Apr 6th]


Yeah. I’m sure they’ll get around to it, many things to fix first. :stuck_out_tongue:


Strange they make the shop in Unity not label the items. Comparing with the shop on Flash:

Fooled Ya Fame Box Fooled Ya Fame Box shop


Got the Fake Orange bag, but the community is safe it’ll stay in my gift chests.




:question: Do the ability item white bags continue to drop?

I’ve not had one in a few Machines, and there’s a bit of uncertainty if they’re removed at the end of the chest event, or if they’re permanent additions we can continue to loot.

Has anyone looted an ability since the chest event stopped who can lay this one to rest?

Edit: I can answer it myself, yes they do, just got a mistake poison.


The rates seem to be lower than before, but I can’t prove that.


Today’s update is X.33.0.1, copying Miscellaneous patch notes from part of the Events post on Reddit:

For the Events, including some tease info about Oryx 3 and info about the new Runes items, see topic: Open Beta Bonus Program & Upcoming Chest Challenges



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New official lore confirmed


Damn, you posted right as I was splitting this topic to move the bit about the new servers away, heh well now your reply is ahead of my post. :smile:

One April Fool thing got forgotten:

Ring of Decades got its name and sprite back, but still has its April Fool description:


Game got updated just now to X.33.1.0.

Unknown if there are any changes of substance or if it’s just to close off the event/remove the tokens as loot.



Yeah, and now i can’t play rotmg ree




Feed power update dropped


fk was gonna feed my cbows later tonight -_-


For new update see: Unity&Flash Patch Notes/PT/Animations [Patch X.33.1.0]