Patch X.27.0.0 - Pets and Jellies


Saw that in the update log but never made a new account to test it


Ah yes, that’ll be the



Can that even be abused? The invincibility does nothing on bullets that are already rendered.


can you show me proof of that? I don’t think that’s true and in my experience I’ve never seen evidence of this.


It says so in the patch that introduced tp invulnerability (A Biffy Update!)

“You can still get hit briefly, if projectiles are already rendered for you (when close to the Encounter for example), so be careful and don’t rely on it for short distance teleports!”


Okay, thanks for the proof. However, I’m still pretty sure the majority of projectiles flying at you wouldn’t be ones rendered before you teleported.


When does MOTMG begin? August 1st?


Hasn’t been stated yet, but probably August.


Game looks to have received a hotfix to 27.0.2 in the last couple of hours.


I think Samurai name has been added in place of the ???? on the classes screen, not sure if there’s any functional changes on this update though.



Wait a minute how do you reach lvl 25 on wizard


That’s the point- it’s currently impossible to unlock. It’s gonna come during MotMG.


What if there are more levels to come :0


No, it’s just a way of saying you can’t unlock it yet. It’ll be unlocked my level 20 on warrior and ninja

Seems it was only that + a new skin


I mean its good but


but what it’s just good


People only ever do encore now, so Deca is going to need to start making reef and shaitans events


Do you need to get lv 20 on warrior and ninja again


probably not


When ninja was brought in, if you already had the required classes at level 20, ninja was just ready unlocked and available to select on the screen straightaway. Can’t see why it wouldn’t be the same for samurai.