Patch X.31.3.0


I took a screenshot on an update a couple months ago where we got it posted here a full minute before reddit.


Well tbh what to what OB said, Krathan’s made a habit for posting here himself for quite a while now, so that’s nothing new. But never paid attention to who gets priority. X)


OMG this is the best update I’ve ever seen


Well it’s to get rid of crashers

So I mean if you pop a dungeon it should be your right to allow who you want in it.

Maybe you’re a crasher :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


in theory: :open_mouth:
in practice:
opener: opens dungeon
everyone goes in
opener: gets paid, kicks everyone but himself


Then have them pop it somewhere else.


Good job Deca


@Krathan Please add a timer to the kicking thing, did an MBC this morning and got a white. Shouted it out in chat and got kicked because the popper was a fucking dickhead.


Wym? By the time you get to colossus wouldn’t it be irrelevant anyway?
Oh you mean that you can only kick in the first few minutes or so of the dungeon being opened?


That’s an oof. You may want to try grabbing the item immediately before saying anything in chat; it’s too easy to mistype and Nexus instead or even DC. That really hurts, though. Have you reported the incident to the discord leaders?


if you took a screen shot befor u got kicked out and u know what white it was email deca and they will give u the white.


I didn’t screenshot :frowning:


do you know who key popper was. if u you know who it is as you can ask rls in pub halls who was key for the run you can get him banned if u want.


also u can report to deca and hell prob get like a week bannnn


just email deca support and tell them what hapened


I’m afraid that without evidence I can’t do anything against the popper.


This is so sad. :sob:


Isn’t there a message that says you’ve been kicked by the opener? If it ever happens again it should be enough to scroll the chat and take a screenshot.
I mean to report the opener to the discord, not to Deca.
Also sorry this happened to you :cry:


:c feelsbad

Yeah maybe limit it to like 5 minutes or something


God damn, that sucks. That needs to be fixed. Add like a 3 or 4 minute timer or something?
It really pisses me off that he booted you just for getting a white, what a fucking kid