Peepo guilds' PPE contest! [9k GOLD]


Welcome to Peepo Guild’s PPE contest! We are a recently founded guild with approximately ~20 members & steadily growing. Very interested in learning to do end-game dungeons together effectively & hosting more events/contests in the future.

We are also recruiting new guild members - looking for active people that are interested in having a nice & friendly community to play in.

1st place: 5200 Realm Gold & 25 decas
2nd place: 2600 Realm Gold & 10 decas
3rd place: 1200 Realm Gold & 5 decas

All of the info regarding the PPE event can be found on our discord & our website:
It features a document with the rules & a leaderboard that refreshes every 5 minutes!

For more information, join the discord:


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