People who are taking a break/quit, why?


burned out + too addicted + game is losing players


Was cleaning my laptop keyboard using hand sanitizer. Next day, almost all keys either malfunctioned or doesn’t respond at all.


After beating O3 and the new shatters several times consistently, I just didn’t see the point of playing anymore. Sure, I could get my character exalted but that just seems way too tedious when I could spend that time playing Valorant or other games with friends. The game was way more fun when I wasn’t good at it especially since I’d merch for the items I wanted. Now, if I want the newest white bags, I can grind for them, and if I die, I could quickly make another 8/8. I guess the reason I stopped playing was because the game became too monotonous and “easy”.


Hopped on the game today for the first in 220 days, lots of players and names. None that I recognize so far :frowning:

I like the new dungeon and emotes though


I died on one of my characters, therefore am not in the mood to play rotmg.


Fun parts are impossible to access or try solo and discouraged bc permadeath

I got into ugc and that was my only real goal


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