Permabanned through false and limited evidence


To start this post, I would like to share some of my background. My name is Kamaro.
My account was created in Winter 2020. And I personally am a victim of domestic violence.

Around the Summer of 2020, prior to the creation of my account, I met a player named.
We both watched a specific Realm of the Mad God Streamer, and he had told me about the fact that he had gotten arrested. We were able to find his mugshot through Google using only his in-game name, and he shared it with his friends who inevitably shared it as well I had shared it with a few people at the time myself, including a DECA Employee. A few months later, I was streaming on Twitch, this streamer came into my chat with a few of his friends and started chatting in my stream with ill intent. I then put the pictures on my twitch overlay for a few minutes until they left, they were my only viewers at the time. This streamer is a DECA Partner and sent the screenshot to the DECA Partner Discord.

He told them that this was something that I had been doing regularly and that I had called him something which I hadn’t. He had blamed me for another user in my chat having a username that he didn’t like, and accused me of creating the account and being the chatter whilst simultaneously playing the game. He told them that I regularly share his name and that by showing his mugshot, I had put his family and friends at risk, and he accused me of doxxing him as well.

None of the above claims were true, and none of them were substantiated with any evidence. I have the screenshots of the messages sent in the Deca Partner Discord, as they were leaked to me. Toastrz replied saying that he had permabanned my account and that he would ban any new accounts that I would play on. Often, players are unable to view what evidence was against them, but I was, and It was limited to a single screenshot of my twitch overlay, and his words. I had no way to defend myself in this situation, and he could have said anything and it would have been taken at face value, as he did.

I have tried appealing this ban with evidence proving that I am innocent of multiple of these claims. Each time, I have received a cookie-cutter copy-paste response saying that the decision is final. My account has now been banned for over a year, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’d prefer if we didn’t name the other player, as I don’t want him getting harassed.
The other player that found the mugshot photo’s with me was never banned and continues to play the game.

If DECA Partners are just able to get whoever banned with only words, this is a dangerous precedent. The level of evidence required for a player report should have to meet a certain standard, no matter who it comes from.

TL;DR: Toastrz/DECA banned me through unsubstantiated false rumors, without any evidence. And even after proving myself innocent through my own evidence VIA support, I’m still unable to get justice.


I forgot to mention, they were arrested and charged with Domestic Violence, and a couple of other charges, which is a very personal subject for me as I myself have been a victim of domestic violence. There has been police at my house several times for this reason.


This is important. However, sadly, realmeye forum does not actually get the exposure you likely need to create real change. Try reddit instead and if your cross link the post here, we can go support you there.


I cannot post on the RotMG Subreddit, unfortunately. However, if someone else were to share/repost this there, that theoretically could work.


Why can’t you post to Reddit?


I got banned from it years ago


Harrassment is still harrassment, isn’t it?
The ban will most likely not be lifted. Fortunately, there are better games than Realm out there.


As you describe it you deserve a ban, for searching for someone based on their IGN which is a form of harassment and against the TOS. It doesn’t matter that they were arrested, they have the same expectation of privacy as everyone else. Arrested ≠ guilty, and being able to discuss it suggests they were not guilty – if they e.g. were locked up for it they would probably have that on the mind more than the arrest.


I’m really sorry this happened to you. I’d recommend posting this on Reddit as well to get more ppl to see it.


Can this even be considered harassment?

Regardless, none of this even happened in the game. DECA doesn’t get involved in things that happen outside of the game. This is the first occurrence of this happening to my knowledge. If anything, this should have been something that should have been resolved with Twitch.


They did go to jail. Twice.
Searching somebody’s in-game name, which is consistent across many platforms and nonexclusive to Realm of the Mad God, via Google and finding a picture of them, Is not a ToS Violation.

Regardless. The Terms of Service only applies to Realm of the Mad God.


It can be also applied outside of RotMG if warranted.


Is this written?


When it deemed necessary, they will do it even when it’s not explicitly stated.


That is a form of harassment. If you choose to do it out of curiosity, and never share the information, then you might be OK. But if you share that information (which you clearly did if DECA became aware of it), in particular if you use it against the person, then it is harassment/invasion of their privacy, both of which are against the ToS.


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idfk also how they could ban somebody for saying something on your twitch steam. please ban me for using nword every day.


Both sides seem to be wrong in this case, it’s unfortunate that only you was banned. But for ‘speaking with ill intent’ in your Twitch chat, you could do the appropriate thing, and ban them - instead of Doxxing them in a public stream which is sort of childish if you think about it.

If it makes you feel better you can just get another account.


I have been approached several times by people with post histories more tame than yours asking to have their history deleted because people like you keep digging up the past and showing it off to people who wouldn’t have known anything otherwise and getting them involved in making the other person feel bad. Just because the information exists and is true doesn’t justify going out of your way to dig it up and tell everyone about it in a childish attempt at getting back at someone.


I have to agree that both the sides here are wrong. Yes, DECA power tripping bad, but also, why did you show the pictures instead of banning them? Much simpler and less likely to get you in trouble. I also have to agree that you showing the pictures seems very childish and kinda dumb.


I lost all sympathy for your plight when I had to ban you on your 30th twitch alt account because you wouldn’t stop harassing ceb live

Also, when you’re still doing petty shit like trying to get CallMeCarson to raid RotMG’s r/place spot over a year later, it makes it hard for me to feel like your ban for harassment was unjustified