Pest Control Game Bug


Bug report:
After I press “play button on steam”, my computer was frozen when Pest Control was running. I don’t even see the game started. I have to reboot my computer so I can use it again. I tried three times, and every time my computer was frozen.
I can’t post on “Bug catcher” of steam web…so I post it here.

Anyone have the same issue?


what the fuck are you talking about.


so… it sounds like you are either trying to download the exalt launcher through steam and its not working, Or you already have downloaded it and the “play” button isn’t working. I didn’t bother getting rotmg through steam, so Im not sure I can help. You ,might want to try clarifying a bit more, otherwise it sounds like it might be a steam issue and you might just need to wait a bit for it to work.




Got it. Thanks for replying.


I still have no clue as to what this guy is talking about.


Then allow those who might actually have some solutions to reply. There’s no need to pollute a Q&A thread when the OP is looking for something specific. Or, you could ask for more clarification if the question is vague/needs more details.

As to the original question, if I understand correctly, you are trying to open the game with Pest Control’s Discord, correct? I have heard the complaint from some that their performance in Realm can be crippled with Discord running in tandem. Perhaps you are experience this on an extreme level, where Realm doesn’t even launch?

I too, don’t use Steam to run this game, so I haven’t needed to find solutions for myself. People have asked similar questions on the forums, so I’d check out some of their solutions whilst you wait for someone more knowledgeable than us on the matter.


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