Pet abilities matter?


so I have been collecting a bunch of pets trying to get that sacred combination, and I have a few that are relatively close to Heal/MHeal/Electric, but not quite, like Mheal/Heal/Electric, Heal/MHeal/AttackClose, Heal/MHeal/Attack far. From a friend who was tutoring me some time ago I had an impression that it’s not worth trying unless you have that exact combination, but I am curious just how much it matters. Since I haven’t really done any fusing/feeding because I haven’t got the one and only combination, should I keep looking or one of the options listed above is also good?


It doesn’t matter too much as long as you have heal and mheal as your first two abilities, but i would recommend either electric, attack close, or decoy as your 3rd ability. Keep in mind that you won’t even have a 3rd ability until you reach legendary, so that may or may not take a lot of time. For example I’ve been playing over 3 years (I’ve only really been good st the game for like 8 months) and am still 1k fame off legendary


If you already have an Mheal/heal/electric, you are good to go! I would say the difference between that and having heal first is negligible.


Oh I missed that lol. Yeah just use that one then


I personally prefer Mheal/Heal/Electric. Having Mheal first unlocks things like perma cloaking/perma speedy earlier on, which is much more fun and impactful IMO than just healing more. Once you have a Heal/Mheal or Mheal/Heal pet, go ahead and start feeding it. You only need to worry about your third ability when you are ready to fuse 2 pets to legendary, and by that point you should have already found the pet you are looking for


Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the thought that Electric is the only ability worth considering.
If you really want, you can probably make attack mid/close work, or Decoy if you want to do some funky stuff (like solo a void).

Like others have said, though, you’ll want to focus on your first two abilities for the time being. There’s not that big of a difference between MHeal/Heal and Heal/MHeal, so it’s up to your preference. Want slightly more ability spam? MHeal as primary. Don’t care much for ability usage? Heal as primary.


As others have written, Mheal/Heal/Electric is perfectly viable, and some people would prefer it. My pet is that, has been since it was hatched from a common egg.

Also when first hatching eggs only the first two abilities are important. The third ability is not unlocked until level 70, and before you unlock it you need up to seven other eggs for fusing. This gives you lots of time to find the perfect 3- ability, while using your Heal/Mheal pet.


Well, you can get level 70 without unlocking the third ability


I don’t think heal/mheal/electric is the best anymore. I even think it never was, people just stuck with it without much thinking about it. I say, find a combination you seem to like, or think about which combination would work.

I’m currently trying to get mheal/savage/decoy or mheal/decoy/savage, as I don’t need heal anymore and I’d like more interactivity with my pet.


I was perfectly fine with settling with an uncommon Heal/MHeal/Rising Fury that I found in my first month of playing. As much as I’d love a tweak to that 3rd ability, I’m perfectly fine with only fully utilizing the first two! I’m at a Legendary level as a F2P, with no regrets.


Thank you for your replies! I didn’t consider that perhaps having MHeal first would be beneficial, but now I can see why. It’s kinda sad because I just considered the MHeal/Heal/Electric pet like the game blueballing me yet again, and now that I’ve learned it’s perfectly good like a year after I can’t get excited about it lol. I’m gonna start leveling the pet now.


at level 90 attack short does a pretty sad 325dps with shots that can miss and need a little bit of time to reach the enemy

electric on the other hand paralyzes foes, does aoe damage, never misses and does ~2,5 times the dps


The amount of times I’ve had to readjust finishing an enemy off with my own shots after getting it stuck on 1 health due to shot overload because of being so used to attack mid finishing them off from a distance that Electric could only dream of achieving, aye, nah, I’m good, thanks.


Thought seb had mheal/savage/electric


One of my pets is Electric/Heal/MHeal, so close T_T


Close, but not close enough :(. Having the first two abilities as heal and Mheal (either order) is super important unless your plan on spending a ton of money on maxing your pet rapidly. You will get it eventually!

Remember that once you find a pet with the correct first two abilities you should start leveling and using it. The third ability only matters once you are fusing to legendary which will probably be a fair amount of time (during which you will hopefully find the perfect 3 abilities you want).


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