Pet Abilities Revamp


Since the introduction of pets and abilities there has been a meta around what is good and bad. Ultimately you want Heal/MHeal/Elec because it’s the best all around ability set, but I think there should be other options. Without adding too much but changing existing abilities here are my ideas for variability.
Of course these will have to be tested to determine the effectiveness and viability.
For reference I used

No changes:

  • Heal

  • Magic Heal

  • Electric

Reason for no changes: OP and too much money went in for these pets, DECA ain’t refunding anyone


Attack close - removed because it is a less useful electric, less damage and no status effect (Replaced with new ability further down)

Attack Mid - Individual shot damage reduced but now has 3 shots with 5° arc gap, shots pass through enemies
Range: 6.75 tiles (True Range: 5.71 tiles)
New name suggestion: ‘Fury’ or just ‘Attack’

New attack mid ability chart:

Ability Level Power Total Damage Frequency (seconds)
1-30 (Common) 2-6 6-18 5-2
30-50 (Uncommon) 6-12 18-36 2-1
50-70 (Rare) 12-24 36-72 1-0.6
70-90 (Legendary) 24-40 72-120 0.6-0.4
90-100 (Divine) 40-60 120-180 0.4-0.2

Attack Far - Same damage now has a chance for a poison proc
New name suggestion: ‘Toxic’ or ‘Bolt’

New attack far ability chart:

Ability Level Power Frequency (seconds) Range (tiles) Poison chance Poison Damage Over Time Duration (seconds)
1-30 (Common) 3-8 4-2 7 4% 20 0.5
30-50 (Uncommon) 8-19 2-1 7.5 6% 40 1
50-70 (Rare) 19-40 1-0.6 8 7% 60 2
70-90 (Legendary) 40-76 0.6-0.4 8.5 9% 80 3
90-100 (Divine) 76-100 0.4-0.2 9 10% 100 4

Decoy - now has a mechanic that when active can absorb non-piercing shots
“Shielding” mechanic will be active in median duration for 50% of decoy duration
This would not block Piercing Shots hit multiple targets, AOE damage (like bombs), and possibly Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles

Examples for decoy:

  • Max level common has 3.15 seconds of duration; shielding will be ~1.57 seconds long and activate from ~0.78 seconds to ~2.36 seconds
  • Max level rare has 4.8 seconds of duration; shielding will be 2.4 seconds long and activate from 1.2 seconds to 3.6 seconds.
  • Max level divine has 8 seconds of duration; shielding will be 4 seconds long from 2 seconds to 6 seconds.

Savage + Rising Fury - now one ability, nerf damage by 50%
Name suggestion: just keep ‘Savage’
Pets with either previous ability will gain new ability
Pets that had both? IDK lol

New savage ability chart:

Ability Level Power Frequency (seconds) Range (tiles) Recharge Delay (sec) Recharge time (seconds)
1-30 (Common) 10/35 - 45/70 4-2 2.5-3 2.5-3 5.5-4
30-50 (Uncommon) 45/70 - 2-1 3-? 1.5-? 4-?
50-70 (Rare) 100 - ? 1-0.6 ? ? ?
70-90 (Legendary) ? - (500+) 0.6-0.4 ? ? ?
90-100 (Divine) (500+) - 750 0.4-0.2 ?-8 ?-0.2 ?

New ability:

Name suggestion: ‘Ambush’ - pet occasionally drops a grenade similar to Ghostly Prism/Rock Candy, kinda would be like a pet pooping lol
Pets with previous attack close now will have this instead

New ambush ability chart:

Ability Level Power Frequency (seconds) Radius (tiles) Explosion number
1-30 (Common) 10-20 10.67-5.6 2 1
30-50 (Uncommon) 20-40 5.6-4.95 2.25 2
50-70 (Rare) 40-80 4.95-4.3 2.5 3
70-90 (Legendary) 80-120 4.3-? 2.75 4
90-100 (Divine) 120-200 ?-3 3 5

Optional other ideas:

  • Scavenger - Pet has a chance to drop a random consumable in a soulbound bag after being in combat. Rarer/better drops at higher pet rarity level. Long cooldown.

  • Cleanse - Pet will infrequently have a nova of 1 tile that removes negative status effects on self. (May be way too OP)

Bad ideas don’t even bother suggesting: Pets providing buffs (berserk, damaging, armored), pets giving other debuffs on enemies (stun, curse, slow, expose, daze), pets providing temporary stat increases/decreases, pet providing negative status effects, pets having abilities that affect player movement.

Another additional idea for pets that I’d like to see implemented is a “recall” feature. Typing “come here”, “over here”, “sit”, or some other variations will cause the pet to TP to your character.


I’ve had my own thoughts on this before; can’t find them so will post them again.

The main problem with pet abilities is HP and MP heal are so useful. I mean this is not a problem for players with those pets, and nerfing them would lead to all sorts of problems. But it means 99% of high level pets have MP and HP heal + 1 other ability.

The problem with this is most of the abilities are useless on their own, or at least markedly inferior to Electric. Savage in particular does nothing unless the pet also does something else. Savage with Decoy would be good, as would Savage with Rising Fury. Both of those on their own are very limited due to the pet staying close to you.

So I would increase the number of abilities to 4. Make it so you can have e.g. MP + HP heal, Savage + Rising Fury all on one pet. To stop this being OP abilities might need a lower cap, 90 maybe. Or maybe just HP and MP heal get capped as those are generally the OP abilities of any pet.

To access this there should be some way to take existing 3 ability pets and add a 4th ability. This means established players can take advantage of this without starting over. It also overcomes the problem that with four abilities the chance of finding the right one would be even smaller than now: maybe eggs still have three abilities and you don’t get to add a fourth until level 70 or 90 where it’s unlocked.

This could be part of some larger overhaul where you can change the ability of any pet, to any other, for e.g. a large fame cost. Perhaps it also needs another pet with that ability, or some other token similar to the Forge. This would let you try out different abilities for a cost. It would also make it feasible to add new abilities for pets, without having existing players start over.


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