Pet fusing


Hello, so I have 2 pets. First one is Legendary Heal/MHeal/Electric currently at 84/79/65, but he can only have 88/88/88 at max. I created this pet when I didn’t know that both pets have to be maxes while fusing in order to get good one.

Now I have second pet, with same abilities but he can be 90/90/90. I am currently feeding him and he is at 83/80/63.

My question is: Can I fuse this both pets maxed (90/90/90 with 88/88/88)? Will I get a divine 100/100/100? I don’t want to feed another pet to legendary level because it’s so expensive. And I don’t want to feed the 88/88/88 because I don’t know if it have sense. I hope you’ll understand what I am talkiing about here.


What’s the difference between 98 and 100? At that point, I’d probably keep it.


No. You need to have both pets 90/90/x to have 100/100/x cap.


Well I don’t know. Higher level equals higher heal i guess.


As PRCSakura said, both have to be maxed in order to achieve the highest level cap.


To avoid that wonderful but lengthy thread by OtherBill, here’s kind of a holy grail diagram for pet leveling:

(Hopefully that’s readable)


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