Pet Skin, Class Skin & Boss Resprite


Hello there! Haven’t posted in forums for a while so decided to finally start. Here are some sprites i made lately:

- Shadowland Wizard Skin
- The Eagle Pet Skin
- Ghost of Skuld Resprite

I had a short break from spriting (Especially with RotMG themed sprites). Now i got some time and im trying get back to these pixels… The feedback is more than welcome.

Shadowland Wizard Skin

The Eagle Pet Skin | Avian

Ghost of Skuld Resprite

Here are also my drop localizations ideas:

Shadowland Wizard Skin:

The Eagle Pet Skin:

Ghost of Skuld
(Well i guess he will never leave the Cemetery)

Alright, thats all just wanted to share, i would be really thankfull for feedback/CC


Skuld is a female btw…


Some quick thoughts, as it’s not really my area of expertise.

Wiz skin looks OK but a bit indistinct. With so many now available it really needs to pop out, or stand out as representing something new (new including things in the game which have not been made into skins before)

Not sure it looks like an Eagle but I quite like it. Looks more like one of those flightless birds, like the takahē e.g., struggling to get off the ground.

Don’t much care for the Skuld resprite. It looks part way between Skuld and a mini-Skuld pet, so maybe could be made into a pet skin, but it’s far worse than the existing Skuld sprite in game.


Ooooh right i forgot about it