Pet Skin Per Character


So I couldn’t find a thread about this, so I’ll go with it.

With the rising amount of petskins being released, one wonders what someone is to do with a whole library of them. Ofcourse you could drop 1000 gold to have the pet of the week available, but how about putting more use to having all those skins at once? I propose expanding the pet wardrobe, so that every character can skin their pet with whatever petskin they’d like, without messing with the family/rarity of the pet.

So here’s the plan: pets will stay in the pet yard no matter what. These are you base pets. You can feed em, change their skin, fuse em, whatever you can do normally. When you take a pet from the pet yard, they’ll essentially be cloned. You’ll get a disposable copy of your pet, one that cannot be returned to the pet yard. You can dismiss the clone if you wish to switch pets.

With these new clone pets, you can now change the skin/family of the pet, purely for vanity purposes. These will not affect the base pet, and the clone pets will die with your characters. You won’t lose the pet, but everytime you level up your pet, you’ll have to fetch a new clone. Cloning base pets is free, but to change skins/family will cost once more upon recloning. So your base pet should have your most desired skin/family.



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