Pet Wardrobe


This is a great point. It’s absolutely ridiculous to ask for an additional payment for switching to it on top of the pet stone itself. I have many pet stones saved up that I am hoping to use with the new wardrobe changes, but if I’m required to pay to switch to them, even though I already spent gold on boxes to obtain them initially, I don’t think I’ll be using them at all.

Please re-think this @Krathan
Or at the very least drastically reduce the fee for changing pets/families etc. The “Pet wardrobe” as it is now, isn’t much of a wardrobe at all if we’re paying to switch between pet skins that we already payed for. My suggestion would be to make it more like the regular skin wardrobe but maybe, maybe charge an initial one time fee when unlocking a pet skin.


Little ridiculous? It’s total bs. You already payed to obtain them in the first place, and now you’re being charged AGAIN to actually put them to use. This is not at all what I expected from the pet “wardrobe”.


Switching for purely cosmetic purposes on something we’ve already gambled gold for to get in the first place (assuming pet stone is from mystery box) should be 0g/0f

It’s honestly disgusting to me that they think charging us for something like this is ok.


such as EVERY skin in the game? Plus, if you bother reading other comments, you will notice it isn’t purely cosmetic if its family changes. Also, its possible that the pet stones work as they do before on pets, directly changing them (Although perhaps I’m wrong about this). This would mean the first use of a pet stone is free, but it costs to re-use it again.


I’m not referring to those using pet stones to change families for the purpose of fusing, I apologize if that was unclear. I’m saying for those of us who are only interested in changing the sprite. For example: someone with a maxed divine, who doesn’t care about fusing but wants a pet that looks a different way that just happens to be in another family. They should not be charged the same fee for changing families as someone with a uncommon/rare/legendary pet changing families for the purpose of fusing.


People complaining about wardrobe prices and here I am still waiting for them to fix the petyard upgrade prices…


This would be great.


Yard Caretaker was updated








This is so much better, congratulations to DECA for the changes. The old dialogues didn’t teach new players anything at all, they were just pointless blocks of text.


A fame cost is fine. 9000 fame is not. Lower it. A lot. We already paid for the skin. 200 to change is fine, but make it the cross-family cost. No need to have two different costs.


Darn, they still haven’t included the very important part about “left is right” (pet on left retains abilities after fusion). Still good changes!


Hah, just realized in testing the ability prototypes have 50k feed each lol


As everyone already said, we paid for these pet stones. We should not have to put any more currency into using them.

My suggestion would be to decouple pet skins and families. Let any pet skin apply to any family. You can use a pet skin for free, and it won’t change the family, then add an option to pay to change family seperate from the pet skin. That way we can change the cosmetics for the pet that we paid for, and if we really want to change the family for fusing reasons we can do that via a fee.


First of all, thanks for the changes you’re working on. They’re amazing!

With that said I feel like some of the pricing needs a second look.

20 gold / 200 fame seems okay as a fee for changing skins. I’d rather have it cost 10 gold / 100 fame (or perhaps even zero?) but I can understand the current cost.

However… 900 gold / 9000 fame to change families, disregarding the current level of the pet, seems a bit preposterous.

I would suggest a change towards this idea:
Changing families at;

  • Common: 50 gold / 500 fame
  • Uncommon: 200 gold / 2000 fame
  • Rare: 500 gold / 5000 fame
  • Legendary: 1000 gold / 10000 fame
  • Divine: 100 gold / 1000 fame

This would give it a nice tier of progression while still making it more viable to change a hatched pets family compared to breeding a completely new one.

It would also not only give divine pet owners the logical cheap cost to change families for vanity (considering they wouldn’t need to fuse anymore and would like to switch it out more often) but it could also be seen as an extra reward for reaching that tier!


Awesome Deca, glad to see that changing families is only 100 gold / 1000 fame now!

@Bluenoser remember when you got flack for changing your pet family? If you haven’t already figured it out, this update will solve your problem. :slight_smile:


And same family is 20 gold / 200 fame


Feeding from backpack still not possible


The new pet wardrobe is much better, but you still need to add skin only changes for skins of different families, and pet changes within a family should be free for skins that you’ve unlocked, the cost can stay for skins that were unlocked by hatching.

I still honestly believe that charging people to use something that they’ve already payed for is extremely scummy, and the fee for skin only changes should be completely removed.


Please change the color of the “Woodland” family in pet description.

its hard to read…


Still disappointed it costs fame to switch skins instead of an one-time payment.