Pet Yard Rework Implications


With the new Pet Yard rework, I think there are some implications to be discussed around what this means for pets as a whole. Of course, nothing is final yet, but this thread will center around what we know.

First, using Pet Stones. Most people (including me) save their pet stones until they get to legendary and then use them, in order to stay with that pet skin for a longer time and not forfeit the cool skin too soon. But with the Pet Yard update coming up, I think people should use their skins NOW, unless they need to fuse with the current family (and I suggest you hurry).

This is because once the Pet update is implemented, 1) if you use it now you can still switch back, 2) if you use it now you don’t need to pay a fame fee to switch pet/family to the stone you have (depending on your pet family) and 3) to avoid any bugs there might be with the Pet UI, like perhaps your pet stone disappearing when you use it and not working or whatnot.

This is what struck me about the Pet Yard update. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.


You can either use your pet stone and preemptively change families or let the pet stone turn into a pet skin unlocker which means you get to be able to switch between the two, but at a cost.

I will take the second option, because I really like my current pet skin.
It’s the wrong family, but I am willing to pay the 9000 fame fee to keep that pet skin.


The pets can’t say no… because of the implication.


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How is that? Deca never said that they were preemptively storing “pet switch” data to use in the new wardrobe system. If you use 2 skins in a single pet now, you will not have 2 skins unlocked when the wardrobe releases.


Im confused. Won’t pet stones transform your pet directly? even after the update? That would mean the first pet stone use is free (much as it is now) but you also get it permanently unlocked in the wardrobe. (If this is not the case just say.)


From what I have gathered (this is just from reading the forums, I haven’t done any testing myself), you have to pay the fee to use a pet stone, the same as if you wanted to switch. That’s what everyone is making it seem like and what the main complaints are about.


Just want to clarify, do you need to have had a skin at some point to be able to switch to it? or do you need to have a live pet with the skin while you’re switching? or (please) can you switch to any skin in the same family regardless of whether you have seen it before?


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