Petless Sanctuary Solo (20:40) w/ no buffing consumables


i suck.



this was my previous attempt




Yeah you really do. Everyone can do a petless solo of the hardest dungeon in the game much better than that. I mean, I have never even taken damage in all of my petless solo attempts and you got down to red.


is it hard to get all the runes to solo?


considering i did over 300 nests with no sword rune, yes.

I got about 9 swords, 0 shields and 4 helms over the past 2 weeks of constant grinding


Why does everyone use waterflame - final battle for background music when soloing O3. Like I get that it’s the “final” boss and all but I just think of geometry dash…


wait everyone uses it?

i just did it bc why not


at least one other has, I think it was craykiller or unicorn but maybe not


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