Hi guys,
I got a pet at lvl x/70 and another one at level x/35, both are “RARE”.
The client says if I fuse em it will be a “GOOD FUSION”, my question is, is it worth the fame? The result gonna be Rare or Legendary? The new max level will be 70? More? Less?

Thank you for reading.


Do not fuse until you have at least the first stat for both pets maxed.
I think it should say MAXED FUSION


It’ll be legendary, if you feel like reading a wall of text then consult @otherbill’s A Mathematical Approach to Pet Levelling


Do not fuse rare pets until the first ability of each is level 70. Otherwise, the resulting pet will be much weaker, and you won’t be able to undo the damage.


Clarification: the resulting level of the pet’s abilities will be the average of the levels of your fused pets.
So, in this instance, the level of the ability you specified (is that the first or second ability…? why’d you write it like that?) will be (70 + 35) / 2, which is rounded down to 52.
A pet’s “max level” is then determined by adding 20 to the first ability’s level. Let’s say that it’s 52: if so, your resulting “Legendary” pet will have a max level of 72.

So, uh, don’t fuse now, or you’ll lose out on a lot of possible levels. (the desired, highest cap for Legendary is 90)


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