PG&E Shutdown


So as any California natives may know, PGE is shutting down its power for multiple days which means a toal lack of power in over 20 counties. I was wondering if we could get an extension on the daly calinder since you know, we cant acces electircty


Not the place to ask, friend. That is because the forums isn’t run by Deca. If you want to discuss this with them, then… I suppose there’s a section for this on the deca support? Worth I try I suppose

(also, you can try using your phone with the puffin browser to access the web version of realm)


I guarantee you they’re not going to do anything


I’d say a 1% chance for them to do something


They won’t do it. Even if it was state-wide, that’s a small percentage of RoTMG to compensate, so why bother?


Puffin has shut down didn’t you know?


Oh heck my bad


only on iOS


Puffin still works on my iOS devices.


So what? I mean I have had to sit through planned and unplanned power cuts. Less now since they replaced the decades old wiring for our street with new ten or so years ago, but they still happen, one just a couple of months ago.

You are lucky as you are being warned about it in advance, so can make plans. Get in a generator, or set up a mobile hotspot for a laptop with batteries you charge elsewhere, or spend an hour in a local cafe/bar which has made special arrangements. Last time I was in California was decades ago, but unless things have gone downhill since it’s a pretty well developed modern place. I’m sure people will make arrangements for anyone who needs daily power and internet access.




No, California is no longer a modern, developed state with good services and infrastructure ?

In all seriousness, there will be a way to do it, for people who need access to the internet as part of their job or as for some other reason. Simplest is probably use a phone with wifi to set up a mobile hotspot for a laptop. It will be slow but if you only need it to log on for rewards then latency is not an issue. Don’t have a laptop ? Probably time to invest in one, if you live in an area prone to powercuts. Probably cheaper and more useful than a generator.


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This isn’t a usual occurrence. It’s just the energy company not dealing with the old tech they have and replacing it with safer new tech. They dealt with the wildfire problem last min.


Welp idk what to say then.


How about telling us why you disagree instead of just saying “no”?


No it hasn’t I literally used it yesterday. Although there is something about it on apple devices.


use data on phone


also some places dont have it right now than the expected amount CALI GANG!!


YEAH 8PM is when my power goes out WOOO