Phaedra Priest Set



Phaedra’s Sacrifice (Wand)
Last thing Phaedra sacrificed before getting reduced to atoms.

  • Damage: 45 - 80 (350-450)
  • Projectiles: 3 (1)
  • Range: 6 (8.5)
  • RoF: 75%
  • Pierce’s enemies, 8.5 range projectile passes through obstacles.

At first look this wand is able to out-dps every other wand existing by more than 2x. But if you actually want to out-dps every other wand you must hit biggest out of all projectile. This wand shoots with 3 of those that after 6 tiles change into one dealing massive damage.

Shattered Gemstone (Tome)
At first, it belonged to Argus, but Phaedra tried making use out of this corrupting it with his own magic, which was one of reasons he was consumed by void.

  • Hp cost: 350hp (removes any heal for duration of effect)
  • Effect: Separates soul from body, invicibility for 1s after going back to body, allies within 5 tiles of body get 45hp/s, allies within 2 tiles of soul get 10mp/s
  • Duration: 5.5s
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Stats: -300MP, +150HP, -5 Spd, -4 Def

You might ask what exactly “Soul Separation” does, basically it is a buff that puts your body in statis, but your “soul” can move: You can shoot through walls, Walk through them, your soul is invicible, BUT the drawback is that you deal only 55% of your total damage and can walk max 9 tiles away from your body

Garments of the Damned (Robe)
Made with souls that failed their task in making Marble Colossus.

  • Stats: 95Hp, -60Mp, 2Def, 6Att, 5Dex, -6Spd,
  • Sickening Magic: When equipped with Shattered Gemstone: 25% to summon 5 friendly followers of Phaedra on ability use.
  • Circle around you in “pentagram” shape
  • 7 Range
  • Shoots 3 projectiles (like original followers in hideout) every 0.5 second dealing 70 damage each.

Fairly simple one, trading your def and Mana for DPS and HP. Special attribute works pretty similar to bee helm, but might be quite better if you are closer to enemy soo all of the cultists hit enemies.

Trapped Soul (Ring)
Created by Dirge, but corrupted with Phaedra’s power making souls inside be in endless pain.

  • Stats: 130Hp, -60MP, 4Att, 4Dex, -3 Def -6Spd,
  • Phaedra’s Curse: On taking at least 180 damage separate your soul for 4s.
  • Soul Vessel: When equipped with Wand of [something] decreases it’s range needed to created Cursed Blast to 4.5 Tiles.
    If you would look at stats only, this ring would be just direct nerf to Crown trading 2 att and 2 dex for additional 20 hp and decreasing a lot of other stats. But Soul Vessel might be one of key attributes to make Wand much better. Phaedra’s Curse might be counted as a buff and a debuff at the same time depending on situation.

Everything wil drop from Phaedra (Green cultist that died during creation of mbc)
Every opinion or idea to improve this set is welcome <3

Bonus - First draft of this set :smiley:


Alright, here’s one I made where I added borders, made the colors a bit more consistent across all of them, and did a little editing on some of the sprites. All in all, I think the wand could use a little work to make it look a little more normal, and that the gemstone needs a new sprite, but they look good.

How about This wand is composed of the last thing the priest Phaedra gave up before being reduced to atoms; his hope.
Now it doesn’t have to say hope of course, but it fit, and you get the idea. Text like that flows more, it says the same thing while telling a little bit more, and almost seeming to have a bit of knowledge and history behind the words. That is what makes the (I keep wanting to call it flavor text, but that’s not what is called in realm…).

I think the wand is a pretty cool idea, don’t know if it could even happen in realm, but that’s what great ideas do, they push the boundary’s of what can and cant happen.

How about This Gemstone once belonged to Argus, but Phaedra attempted to corrupted it with his magic. That is probably one of the reasons that he was consumed by the void.
The punctuation there helps, as how it is currently is long and windy. The ability is unique and odd, and I love the idea.

The robe is interesting, but you should probably add more def, as not many a persons would use that with such little def.
So with the ring, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, as many people would not want to all the sudden be separated.

Sense the green cultist is, you know, dead, how does it drop from him. Is he in the lost halls somewhere and I just don’t know it? I like the ideas and sprites though.


Hey, I really like your ideas to change description changes, I dont like going into more complicated wording, because how i get easly lost in sentences. xP

Pretty much had no idea for it, but made it look kinda like a prism because this is what i mainly imagine gemstone as.

Just curious, what do you use to add borders? Sprites look really much better with them.

Bascially set is made to reduce your def (Tome-4, Ring-6,) to minimum and increase HP (+150, +95, +130) to maximum

I was thinking about how to make this ring unique in some way, while not being worse countepart to crown. At first it had only Soul Vessel, but imo it wasn’t enough to make it worth using and it’s limited to this wand only too.


Its not a bad sprite, its just that I cant really tell what it is by looking at it.

I use a trick I learned hear on the forums a while back. I sprite using piskel, and so after I finish the sprite, I increase sprite size to 40, then I add an extra two pixels around the entire thing. I just outline with a one line layer of black, double the size, then post it.

I get that, and a def lessening set isn’t bad, but robe classes have little def as is, so Id just suggest making so it gives no less than 5 or 6 def after the subtractions are taken out. Even though hp is powerful, you still need at least a little def to not insta pop.

Yeah, it is unique, and I don’t think you should change it, I just think a lot of players wouldn’t use it except for a swap out, as it can greatly lessen damage…


Sorry forgot to answer this, basically there is Lore room in cultist hideout with Valus and Phaedra’s graves. Also I’m planning on making something like Corrupted Halls/Voided Halls, which could be like before Void Entity attack. But this is just some ideas I have for this


heyyyy ik you from the parasite discord, sup

I like that you included first draft :wink: