Phaedra’s Soul, Invite Competition [30 DECA Prize Pool]!


Hey Guys! I run a cults discord and we are growing very quickly. We plan on delivering small (15 person) consistent runs. If you would like to join the server here is the invite:

Invite Competition Guidelines!

Hello! Our server will be hosting a 30 Deca Invite Competition in order to help get the server started! We are looking forward to growing the server and making it into a place where raiders and raid leaders can have consistent, small, fast runs. As part of this, we need raiders! This competition will be for that :). For invites to count, you need to make your own invite. When you invite people, please do not break other discords’ rules and be respectful of them. If we discover that people are spamming others or being rude or doing anything which could be considered unreasonable, your invite count will be reset. The goal of this competition is to create a positive server with a healthy environment, not to just grow our numbers.

Going on to the prize pool :slight_smile:
First Place: 8 Decas
Second Place: 6 Decas
Third Place: 3 Decas
Fourth-Fifth: 2 Decas
Sixth-Tenth: 1 Deca Each

In addition to this, we will be doing a several deca giveaway for people who chat actively in #raid-chat or other chats to encourage server activity. In order to be able to access this giveaway, you will need to be verified. The contest will last two weeks! Good Luck!


Another one of your members already has a thread open on this topic! Just to keep things tidy, I’ll close this and link to the other page right here!