Phaedra’s Soul! Small Runs, Raid Discord! 30 Deca Competition!


Hello! I’ve been playing realm for a few years, and as of about 2 years ago, I got involved with raiding discords. Initially, I loved these discords because they made dungeons such as the void or shatters available when public runs were impractical at best. However, these runs tend to grow old and honestly, steamrolling dungeons in big groups is not that interesting.

As such, I recently became involved with running these dungeons more actively as a raid leader and had a wonderful time (if you have free time and are interested, I would suggest trying to RL somewhere). However, it still wasn’t as fun as the dungeons initially were.

But then, a friend named Xicedodex came to me and suggested that I try and help him start a raiding discord. Now we’ve taken off and we have a new discord up and running. Unlike many of the other discords that currently run dungeons, we’re going to be dedicated to running with small groups and we’ll be trying to keep the runs fun and enjoyable. We’re still really small, but we’re looking forward to seeing where the discord grows!

As a side note, to help the discord get started we’re doing a 30 Deca invite competition ;). First gets 8 Decas & top ten get prizes. There’s a week left in the competition! Right now, 2 invites is a Deca!

If you’re interested in joining, here’s the link:

Phaedra’s Soul, Invite Competition [30 DECA Prize Pool]!

We already have a basic staff team set up and we’ve been doing runs inconsistently. We’re currently doing traditional runs and leading (just with a vc cap of 15); however, we look forward to innovating and making the discord special! If you’re interested in becoming staff or you have ideas as to where to take the discord in the future, DM me :slight_smile:


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We’re going to be doing another invite competition right before the halls and exaltation events begin! Join if you’re interested in getting in on that and small runs :slight_smile:


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