Phantasmagoria Vertex [UT Skull]



Cool and epic sprite produced by Navaruss

An ancient, ethereal skull, soaked in the soul-binding magiks of the Haunted Cemetery. Though considered long lost by the Realm’s historians, it has been used by Skuld for years to feed her ever-growing hunger for the hearts of the pure.


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 120
  • Duration: 2.5 seconds (Curse, Healing, & DEX buff)
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Ghoulish Enticement: Healing to all players within 1.5 sqs.
  • Ghoulish Greed: Curse to all players within 2.5 sqs. +5 DEX per player cursed. (Caps at +25 DEX)
  • Stat Bonus: +4 SPD, +2 DEF
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:

  • Ghost of Skuld

A wacky, probably unbalanced concept for a skull I came up with the other day. The essential concept is to be able to boost the Necro’s DPS based on group size, and additionally have some healing to set it apart from the Memento Mori. Healing on players would also counter the Curse effect. Curse is only applied for 2.5 seconds (and, realistically, not anywhere near something like Armor Broken in terms of danger to the player), so trolling would most likely be limited.

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Hope you people don’t hate it.


Tbh dex boost needs cap on usual pubhalls run necro would gain 320 dex from this skull it’s way too much on the other hand with the reasonable dex cap this skull would be trash no discord would allow it (due to curse) and main use of this skull would be discord runs rendering it useless. Frankly making another dps boosting skull (even if it’s good) is pointless if item won’t be clearly broken necro will never surpass warriors and wizards’ dps he just needs another role to be useful


I don’t know if basing the validity of any item off of its use in pubhalls is really fair (except for the dex cap). Per that standard, literally half the games white bags are pointless. Though the endgame content is definitely more rewarding, there’s still about 80% of the games content that doesn’t revolve around discords and optimizing dps or healing. The point of this item is not to surpass the dps of wizard or warrior, that’s impossible as those classes are made for dps. I get that necro is an inherently flawed class, but a skull that exists just to boost dps in a very simplistic way (such as pure damage) would be boring and would lack originality. As i said, necro can’t, and really never should, be able to out dps wiz or war it just wouldn’t be true to the class’ purpose. Necro is meant to be more of a support and while this item does sort of mess with that by giving surrounding players curse, it still adds healing. On top of that, the idea of an item that rewards a player based on the amount of people around them is pretty interesting and shouldn’t be shot down just because it doesn’t fit the meta or because it only fills a niche. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, this is all just my opinion and i definitely understand where you’re coming from. I just don’t like the idea that all UT items should be inherently great, just unique and different to make the grindy gameplay less monotonous.

I don’t really know why i spent so much time on this comment that like 3 people are gonna view but hey guess it’s the Rona! Anyways i hope you have good day!


Aye i tried making you a sprite ik its rough but i tried basing it off of skuld obviously.


Oh and here’s a random 16x16 sprite i made earlier so have that too i guess lol



this is very sex, actually. i like the spin on the normal skull sprite by having it not be as explicitly bone


yes mmmmm very sex :wink:


The sprite needs more blend! The greens are just too different right now!
I think that a big problem with this skull is that it has a potentially negative effect on other players. Generally, abilities are made in such a way that they can negatively harm other players. In this case, you can pop this to kill your allies by making them take more damage. Additionally, you’re harming other people to buff yourself…


much appreciated gamer


You have successfully awakened my jealousy.


But a copy of Skuld’s own skull would probably work better.


I made this, i hope you enjoy!


this is so cool!!!


ooh i like this a lot. the difference in shape to other skulls is very cool


Generally you do not want to have abilities that debuff surrounding players, only yourself. Switch it to armorbroken self and it would be balanced albeit useless. Maybe cursed and slowed on self?


I mean… cursed and slowed may be worse then armor broken just cause slowed can really screw you over


the next big sprite creator over here folks